Sunday, July 02, 2006

Uh, okay then. Death Taxes and Overpaid UFAS

I was looking for a nice feeding frenzy pic but on the first day of free agency and all of its craziness nothing represents what is going on more then a nice picture of MONEY!

Because when Winter says Dvorak has problems with the Oil you can bet that that is what it is about. As in the Oilers aren't offering him enough.

Guerin, Holik, Lapointe, Khabibulin ... the list of completely ridiculous contracts given out to UFAs in the past is an endless one.

Surprised at the length and money that Pisani and Roloson got - sure am, at least a little. Figured Pisani for 3 @ 6M and Roloson for 2 @ 5M.

Pisani has been earmarked by Oiler brass for bigger and better things, according to Duhatschek; they figure this playoff run was the beginning for Fernando's offensive output, not a flash in the pan.

As for Roloson. Well, I like the guy. There are a ton of goalies available but only one other UFA left, Legace. They could trade for Giguere, Nabakov, Biron, Cloutier or Aebischer. I guess Lowe looked at these options and thought they weren't good enough. Roloson has two great playoff runs on his resume. Only Giguere nears that pedigree with one. Biron, of all of them, intrigues me the most but maybe the Sabres are asking for the moon and Lowe just figured he would go with what he knows. Do I think the contract is too much and too long? Sure. But the Oilers need a goalie and looking at the list of available guys the only ones who I really liked were Denis (traded), Gerber (signed) and Biron. Roloson beat the Ducks and the Sharks this year and we all know Cloutier's playoff history.

You can hate the contract but I also understand why Lowe chose him.

The one comfort is that if you look around this is minor shit compared to what some teams have done to themselves.

The Leafs give Kubina 5 M a year. And then they signed Hal Gill. And this is a team that is deep in young D. If they have one strength, that is it. Yeesh.

The reality is that nearly every contract given out today to the UFAs can be summed up in two ways, either too much or too long. But if that is what a team deems a guy's worth to be, then I guess that's his worth.


Jovo signs with Phoenix - I was sure he would sign in Florida
Elias resigns with the Devils - 6M per, less then he would have likely gotten on the market, but for seven years - a similar deal to Brodeur - never would have thought he would be back
Blake leaves the Avs
Tyler Arnason still found work
Sens signing Gerber - I figured they would go for a veteran guy as insurance not as their main guy

Nice to see - Mike Commodore getting a nice raise and a two year deal. Even though he was a Flame and then a Cane, I dig this guy. Good player who spoke out during the lockout - he felt that it would kill his career just as it was starting. A year later he's a big part of a Cup winner and rewarded for it.

And now, whither Pronger? I figured Florida or the Rangers or Philly would make a splash with a big UFA but all is quiet. Blake's signing leads me to believe the Kings are out but apparently the Sharks may also be in it.

Could be good.

Happy Canada Day!

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Wardo said...

Pronger is now rumoured to become a Leaf - again! Visit my blog to see the whole story! (and link where I got this crackpot plan)