Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Send Them In

The Islanders were once the model franchise. Under Bill Torrey and Al Arbour they built a dynasty from nothing. Trottier, Bossy, Gillies, Nystrom, Goring, Potvin, Smith, Resch - they pushed aside Lafleur's Habs roughly and without ceremony and then held onto their crown until a team of young guns sent them packing.

Love them or hate them they were a team to respect.

Holding onto their vets for a little too long sent them into mediocrity.

Now over twenty years later after the madcap reign of Mike Milbury the team has officially become a joke. Milbury traded, among others, Wade Redden, Roberto Luongo, Todd Bertuzzi, Zdeno Chara, Olli Jokinen, Eric Brewer, Tim Connolly, Bryan McCabe, Raffi Torres, Taylor Pyatt, the pick that became Jason Spezza (#2 overall iirc) and many other good young players with little to show for it when all was said and done. The trade he got right, bringing Peca in to sort out the mess in the room? He traded Peca, effectively making the Isles Alexei Yashin's team! He also was responsible for signing said Alexei Yashin to the most foolish contract of all time. Worse then the Jagr deal (at least Jagr can play and his contract is shorter term). Worse then Holik, Guerin, Weight and all of the mad millions thrown after UFAs when there was no cap to restrain stupidity.

I feel bad for Neil Smith who waited so long for another chance.

I feel bad for Ted Nolan. All this time on the outside looking in and this is the mess he is in?

He'd better have a knockout season to prove his chops, keep his head down and his mouth shut, and maybe , maybe he comes out ok.

This is worse then Bill Wirtz and Bob Pulford and the Hawks.

We're in Ballard Country here.


Chris said...

All that and you forgot that he fired Laviolette too. :-)

YKOil said...

My hope for Nolan as well. Keep his head down. Don't get involved in the politics. Make the play-offs. Make some noise.

Get a real job.