Saturday, July 15, 2006

Remember this?

Good for Horc!

Good for the Oil too.

I'm thinking, barring injury, that Horcoff is a 90 point man next season.

What would he have gotten on the open market? Excellent two way centre, great face off man, hard worker, clutch player.

What did Marc Savard get?

I have no idea what Shawn Horcoff or Fernando Pisani are like in "real life" - the fan in me would love to think that they are the type of guy I would enjoy having a beer with.

May not be the case but good for both of them. They had to work for everything they could get in the NHL - they were not handed a thing. And both have come through. After Pronger and Roloson I'd say they were the main reasons the Oil got where they did.

So good on them.

And based on the past few seasons my guess is we have not seen the best from either of them yet.

Have been working on PEI for the last week and now for ten days off (life of leisure, eh?) including three away from the internet, TV etc etc.

Kevin, when I come back Tuesday night I expect that you will have shored up our D, signed Hemsky, Lupul and Stoll to reasonable contracts and assured this team of winning one more playoff game this upcoming season then they did this one past.

Not too much to ask, right?


namflashback said...

Horcoff - a 3rd rounder (50% chance of making the NHL) becomes a bonafide top 20 centre.

Pisani - a 7th rounder

Both went the US college/university route. Smart, smart guys which this coach LOVES.

The fact that both of these guys have "snuck-up" on fans is truly a testament to the fact that they fulfill every role that the coach has asked them to.

thedouge said...

great post. Im sick of people saying it might be too much money or its a high risk contract. Horcs is gold. Kills faceoffs, scores, set-up man, backchecks well and sacrifices the body (puck to the face in the dying seconds of the game). And doesnt whine about anything. A coaches dream. Well worth the money. Good job on the part of the Oilers.

thedouge said...

oops, meant to say kills penalties and wins faceoffs :)

Asiaoil said...

Horcoff has a ton of respect where it matters - opposition coaches who tend to do anything possible to avoid a matchup between their golden boys and Horcoff. Both Wilson and Carlyle did their best to keep Horcoff away from Thorton and Teemu - so that should tell you something.

The interesting thing about Horcoff is that he has developed some decent offense to go along with a defensive game that was always well above average. Since he's done that he is now an elite outscorer in that he can do it against the toughest opposition. I guess it shouldnt be a total surprise though - the guy was a CCHA player of the year and first team all-star in his senior year after all. He was also a Hobey Baker finalist and was in some pretty good company that year:

Mike Comrie, Michigan
Ty Conklin, New Hampshire
Jeff Farkas, Boston College
Brian Gionta, Boston College
Shawn Horcoff, Michigan State
Joel Laing, Rensselaer
Andy McDonald, Colgate
Mike Mottau, Boston College
Jeff Panzer, North Dakota
Steve Reinprecht, Wisconsin

Horcoff, Comrie, Rino, McDonald and Gionta all turned out pretty well. So here's to you Shawn Horcoff - the ultimate steak without the sizzle player.

Wardo said...

I like Horcoff. Good signing.

Scarlett said...

Great signing of a very good player...and you get someone who apparently wants to be here. Even better!