Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Good One

Other then the fact that longterm contracts scare the bejeebers out of me because of their inherent longterm like longevity, that is, anything can happen over six years, the fact is this is a great contract.

They've tied up their best young player and most skilled player for the longterm, including his first three years of UFA and for a reasonable amount.

With arbitration the way it is you know that even if he only improved marginally over the next few years he was still going to get 5+ at some point; you also know some team would be throwing big money at him, a la Havlat, even if the improvements were only marginal ones, the moment he reached UFA.

The contract is very tradeable too if it ever comes to that.

The kid can be frustrating but he's a great talent and grew up a lot in the playoff run. He was one of the most effective forwards in the final.

Finally, think of defining goals in this run - from the goal that clinched the playoff spot in game 81 to the brilliant rush in G1 of the final.

We want to see more consistency. I think we will.

Just a kid.

Good deal for him. Good deal for the Oil. Someone else who wants to stay longterm.


Earl Sleek said...

from the goal that clinched the playoff spot in game 81...

Hooray Giguere!

Doogie2K said...

"ALES HEMSKY! With 33.3 seconds to go, the Oilers have the lead!"

Yeah, I watched that game on Sportsnet. Wonder how Rod's call sounded.