Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dancing Bear

If you have not already, check out Grabia's highlight reel of Traktor Boy.

Now, it looks like some of this is against international competion and it looks like some of this is against some crap but regardless there are a few things we can gather.

The kid is big.

The kid is fast.

He likes to go to the net.

He has soft hands.

Lowe said, I think it was in the playoffs, that the UFA market did not concern him too much because the Oilers would be bringing in their own homegrown stars.

And Howson, I believe, said a few weeks back that they felt Mikhnov would play in their top six.

Right now.


If he can then the Oilers, as Lowetide points out, have a whole lot of chips up front. And if they sign Sykora, add to that list.

Meaning a couple less kids will be on this team.

And someone is heading out of town for a defenceman.

Raffi Torres?


Scarlett said...

It sounds like Raffi might be going. Although I like him, he's a scrappy tough player (or was in the playoffs, hope he continues that trend).

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I like Raffi too but if Mikhnov can play then they are loaded on the wings and he probably has the most value outside of Hemsky and Lupul, I would think.

They won't move Smyth, Pisani or Moreau, I would think. And Jacques and the other kids don't have much value now.

Unless they move Stoll but then there's a hole up the middle.

namflashback said...

I'd obviously prefer Winchester to go -- but you don't get a 1st pair defenceman for that.

Ah well, there are so few teams in a position to deal + take on salary.

I hope Lowe plays this really cool. Make a few calls and proposals to the cap heavy teams. Then wait. Maybe a couple of days before TC you can get something nice for a marginal propsect rather than a nhl regular.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

nfb - agreed agreed - I don't want to give up Raffi but if they're going for a higher end guy which I think they have to, unless they get a team that can't take any salary on - which presently NJ cannot - then someone of quality has to go

I don't think getting another #3/#4 guy is going to cut it - they need someone who can give them a lot of quality minutes

Big T said...

I guess we must be looking at things a little differently BDHS. I don't want them bringin back more than $2MM in salary above what they send out. You won't get a top end guy for that.

Another Tjarqvist-type is just fine with me. Eat ES minutes and kill penalties. That's all I wan't if they sign Sykora. That's all they'll need.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

T - when I said top end I wasn't too clear I guess - I'm not talking your superstar guys for sure

we need a guy like Stuart or Phillips, imo, or a young cheap quality D, a la Bouwmeester

we get the former from a team in cap trouble likely for a prospect or pick because of the situation they are in - a guy like Tallinder, Lydman etc fits for me in this group

we get the latter from a team that needs scoring and has some good young dman - then Torres comes into play - for all his faults Raffi did score 27 goals nearly all at ES and playing with Stoll and Dvorak, right? I think he could score 40 easily, playing with the right guys

I'm not a stats guy so maybe there isn't much difference between Tjarqvist and a guy like Stuart - if not then I'll take another Tjarqvist - I honestly had no clue who the guy was when they signed him though

which is ok because I had barely heard of Tallinder either

Chris said...

I'm sure Carolina would be willing to give you Tverdovsky cheap. :-)

nwtoilerfan said...

I also would like to see a D man come back. How's about Anton Volchenkov...he's 24 and $1.5 million and and RFA next year

2005-06 GP 75 G 4 A 13 +/- +21
(From TSN)
Assets Plays with tremendous poise. Has a mean streak and is not shy about hitting the opposition. Can join the rush and make crisp passes out of the defensive zone.
Flaws Won't scare anybody with his offensive ability. Needs to learn when to pick his spots when lining up opponents.
Career potential Top four defenseman.

Ottawa needs forwards...maybe Winchester or Brodziak (+ lower rnd pick) for him...

Kyle Kosior said...

Please dont trade Raffi. I think we would be very sorry. I agree that he can be a 40 goal guy. I dont want to be bemoaning this trade oh HF in a few years.

namflashback said...

got this off spector's

"Center Sergei Brylin ($1.52 million), defenseman Richard Matvichuk ($1.368 million), defenseman Brad Lukowich ($1 million) and forward Jason Wiemer ($950,000) are all considered expendable."

Well Matvicuk and Lukowich are tough minute munchers and candidates for a Carolina like committee. Shouldn't have to give up a (good) roster player for one of them.

If you've got a near 30 goal scorer on your 4th line in Torres you can't be all bad. It would sure logjam JFJ. Can he play RW?

Big T said...


Sorry for the misunderstanding. I'll take Tallinder or Lydman in a heartbeat. Especially if the cost is Moreau. The guy isn't the defensive specialist that many seem to think. He does fit his 4th line (occasional 3rd line) role very nicely for the cost as well. A high quality 4th liner.

If I'm Buffalo, I'm asking for something else along with Ethan. Maybe a pick of some kind as he's a UFA after this year.

I sure wouldn't mind Rem the Gem coming back for another year too. He'd probably only get 30 games plus injury fill in time, but he's a hell of a guy and a pretty decent player too. Nothing flashy, but earns his salary.

I'd say that if Lowe does sign Sykora, it's definately to deal from a position of strength. I'd just a soon bring back Tarnstrom if it wasn't for all the money he seems to be asking for. What the hell hey???

And I never mentioned it before, but the Big Trakor does look pretty good in the vid. Here's hoping.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

no thanks Chris, you can keep him

Hey, all things considered I'd rather not give up Raffi and I think the return would have to be a young Dman who is a top four guy now - serious upside etc etc - you don't have to give him up for a guy like Lukowich or Matvichuk

Moreau's a favourite for me, T, and I think they need that veteran presence this year with our young squad - I think Buffalo holds onto Tallinder and Lydman for at least this season anyhow - maybe just dreaming, hey?

I'd be on board with Rem as one of our extra forwards

nfb - Moreau can play the right side - iirc he played RW and C in JR.