Saturday, June 10, 2006

There's One!

Is this a pint I see before me?

Now, might those fellows on the PP take a look at the tape and see two goals that were the result of throwing the puck at the net while teammates were heading there? Not trying to blast it through Ward and then missing the net completely?

A nice little wrister as was commented on a thread elsewhere.

That's all it takes.

Finally the Oilers play a full game the way they played on the way here.

One must win down.

Monday is the next one.

Quick edit - watching the broadcast of the 88 final. Cole and Neale are calling it. They actually sound like they are both interested and good at what they do.

Early in the game Cole mentions that up to this point the Oilers have 28 PP goals in the playoffs.

I think Craig Simpson just skated by. Apparently he didn't absorb much from the experience.

And there's MacT taking a defensive zone draw, sans helmet. He wins it of course. Waiting for him to block a shot.


lowetide said...

That '88 team was a stunner. I'd completely forgotten about Keith Acton playing on that club.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Me too. Must be age but I don't remember the chippiness, especially the stickwork. Must be that European influence.

Doogie2K said...

I loved the power ballad over the closing-credits montage. Classic 80s production.

A young Cuthbert and MacLean. Cole and Neale doing a generally good job with the play. Peter Pocklington still looking like a Goddamned troll. John Muckler still looking seventy. The team picture!

And that was just the last eight minutes of the game, with the score already decided.