Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Teemu Signs

I wonder if anyone will be left when the market opens.

Apparently a one year deal at 3.75 plus bonus clauses.

I think we will see a lot of veteran guys resigning with their present squads.

Better the devil you know then the one you don't when you're 37 or 38, I'd think. I'm 38 and I definitely don't like change.

As a matter of fact I resent it.

Now excuse me while I go browbeat some teenagers.

Stupid rock and roll music!


Earl Sleek said...

Apparently a one year deal at 3.75 plus bonus clauses.

If that is the case, then it is very stomachable for the Ducks. Not only in terms of length, but salary-wise this is the right ballpark for us.

He won't be the steal he was this past year, but we have enough cap flexibility to pay him for 90 historical points.

Now Teemu can afford his ketchup lessons.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Its a good signing in every way for them.

He would have looked good in an Oilers' uni - he's exactly what they need right now - right winger - pure scorer.

lowetide said...

Anyone remember his rookie season. Stunning.

Andy Grabia said...

Robbie! Robbie! Robbie! Robbie!

Robert Cleave said...

LT, I was there (the 'Peg) in '93. I ended up at the Quebec game where he broke Bossy's record, and the strange thing was, when I bought those tickets 10 days before, I had no clue he could get near the record. People might forget that when they played the North Stars the game before, he was 7 goals away from breaking it. 4 goals later (CNN called it a "Texas hat-trick") I had a very coveted ticket.

Nostalgia aside, this season was the best I've seen him play since, including his fine years the first time with the Ducks. As good as he was with Kariya, this might be the best he's skated since severing his Achilles' in Winnipeg, and his all-around game is streets ahead. The one year term and reasonable salary are all to the good for Anaheim.

Oh, and Andy, I vote yes. Nothing to lose, and LeGG certainly isn't pulling the Oilers out of the hole.