Friday, June 30, 2006

So it begins

Denis is traded to Tampa. By my count that leaves three teams needing goaltending and three more then may be looking for it. And eight available guys.

Available Goaltenders - Aebishcher, Biron, Gerber, Roloson, Cloutier, Giguere, Nabokov (I presume rather then Toskela), Legace

Teams needing goaltending - Edmonton, Detroit, LA

Teams that may need goaltending - Ottawa, Florida, St. Louis

Redden and Lidstrom sign so Ottawa and Detroit are out of the Pronger derby (I know neither has been mentioned but I figured Detroit as a possibility if Lidstrom did not resign) and of course the Oilers aren't signing Redden now

Big blueliners available now - Chara, Jovo and Blake (if you consider Blake as such and think he won't resign with the Avs)


namflashback said...

i think Giguere and Nabokov stay where they are. Nobody has enough cap room to spend buckets of money 4 - 5 M /year on a goalie that is not Brodeur and like the gentleman's agreement amongst GM's that has them avoid eating each other's RFA's, I think they stand tough and make each other pay for bloated deals on guy's who have had flashes. (Clearly the Avs did not get that memo)

I say let those deals encumber Anaheim and San Jose.

St. Louis has to take a cheap guy -- because they are trying not to spend money. Florida and Ottawa take cheap guys -- because they will otherwise bump cap.

That would make them most interested in the contracted guys like Toskala, Biron, Cloutier.

Overall, this is good because it helps drive down the free agent market prices. However, Roloson is probably top on the list due to performance. Does he go to LA if they offer him 3-4 years?

My guess is that Edmonton is offering him 2y at good dollars and that he is trying for longer.

Wardo said...

If you're Kevin Lowe, do you desperately overpay for Roloson so the fans don't organize a lynch mob?

Doogie2K said...

Other question: do you sign Jovo as a means of pointing and laughing at Vancouver's shitty cap management? (Again.)

Earl Sleek said...

I say let those [Giguere and Nabokov] deals encumber Anaheim and San Jose.

I suppose, but I don't think that either team is particularly cap-stressed at this point. Plenty of kids to play plenty of minutes.

I'm not stressed about Jiggy, at least, though he isn't signed as long as Nabby is.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

earl - you're right on about Jiggy - one year to go and the Ducks are in good shape cap wise

Wardo - I think if the Oilers get a good keeper the fans will be happy, Roloson or otherwise

Nam - that's a reasonable analysis for sure -

doogie2K - thanks but no on Jovo

Doogie2K said...

Yeah, I've floated that idea a couple of places, and the consensus seems to be it's not worth the money solely to rub it into Dave Nonis's face. Which I get, since I kinda posted it in the giddy feeling of seeing Vancouver ding the cap again (looks like Josh Green is racking up some more frequent flier miles this year); my initial thought was that on paper, anyway, it solved several problems at once, but upon further reflection, value for money is probably not good enough to justify it.

Vic Ferrari said...

Man, that's a lot of good goalies and not many places to play. If Wilson and Burke think they are going to get something significant in return for either Nabokov or Giguere ... they're dreaming.

BofC had a rumour that Wilson turned down an offer of Frolov, Garon, + for Nabokov. Good Lord, that just doesn't make sense to me, must have come from the mind of Garrioch or Strachan.

BTW: What is Columbus doing for a goalie now that they traded Denis?

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Vic - Paschal LeClaire

I think that's his name - 23 years old, highly touted prospect, put up good numbers last season in NHL, iirc