Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Second Post Last Pronger Pronger Post

A wop bop a loomba a wop bop bam.

I'm not from Edmonton so my first question is this - is Jim Matheson a credible hockey writer? Or is he Stan Fischler?

Because his column today looks at possible returns the Oilers might get for the guy I promised to never post about, oh, about two Pronger posts ago.

If this guy is not a quack, things look pretty good.

He eliminates a pile of teams including the Blues (sorry Lauren) based on their Cap room, the fact that they are divisional rivals, the fact that they do not need Pronger and so on ...

Here are the teams and some of the possibilities. I like it!

Philadelphia - Gagne but if not then he sees a deal including Pitkanen, Carter and either Esche or Niitymaki

Rangers - Lundqvist, Mark Staal, Prucha

Florida - Bouwmeester and Horton or Weiss

Toronto - Kaberle and Steen (I presume this would be a starting point because I would not make this one)

LA - Frolov and Dustin Brown, Visnovsky

Buffalo - Biron, Drew Stafford (prospect) and a young forward or two (Tim Connolly)

San Jose - Michelek, Carle or Hannan and a keeper (depending if they deal Toskela to Ottawa as rumoured)

Chicago - some of their young D - Seabrook, Barker, Keith - Ruutu would be ideal but he is always injured

Phoenix - Doan and Ballard although apparently they are after Chara

Columbus - Zherdev, Denis, Brule, Picard, Fritsche (some, not all of these, I would think)

Interesting to see goaltenders part of so many of these deals.

I was stumping for a similar Philly deal on another thread - if that was the deal they made I would be pretty goddamn happy.

All comes back to Matheson's credibility - is he? Or is he a hopeless fan? Anyone?


lowetide said...

With Cam Cole a distant memory, Jim Matheson is easily the most credible source in Edmonton media (the best Oiler beat reporter now is Robin Brownlee of the Sun but Matty's connections go way back).

However, he's talking to a fanbase that has been kicked around pretty hard this week. He may well feel exactly that way but one has to ask why a team like Philadelphia would deal Simon Gagne under any circumstances.

So it's probably facts mixed with blue sky.

Here's hoping, though.

Andy Grabia said...

He is a Hall of Fame writer. He is the most reliable source we have. I trust him.

Doogie2K said...

Hey, I think we all need blue-sky right now. Or maybe these are half-intended as a "pick two or three" sort of list.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

doogie2k - I think a lot of them are definitely pick some - Chicago, Columbus, Buffalo - but Philadelphia, San Jose, Rangers - he specifically says that the deal would include the specific players

if he can get an auction going it could be sweet

hard to say - if the deal is not done by the weekend then T.O. is out (Kaberle has a notrade that kicks in I believe) and of course some teams will sign ufas so they will be as well

but then the teams that come back will be more desparate

finally - if Lowe does make a play for Redden, as rumoured, he will effectively be removing an option from one of his potential trading partners

Kyle Kosior said...

Did Pronger not say he wouldnt accept a trade to Ottawa?

ToTheBank said...

I vote for the Rangers deal, and then trying to land Redden with Eddie Bauer's cap space

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

kyle - its hard to say - originally it was an American team, then Toronto, now apparently Vancouver as well is ok

The presumption that it was Edmonton that was the problem led people to believe that Ottawa would be more of the same - smaller centre, cold winters - that supposedly were Lauren Pronger's issues - however if the rumours are correct then it may just be ABA (anywhere but Alberta)

Matheson didn't say anything about the Sens - the problem is their chips are either a year from UFA (Phillips, Havlat) or untouchable (Heatley, Spezza) so while it seems like a good fit for both teams the Oil might be looking at prospects rather then players.

Chris said...

Yea, the Matheson column is a pretty feel good read. I think he's reasonably credible and some of what he wrote may be speculation, some of it may be rumors coming from sources. Its sort of a wait and see sort of thing.

Doogie2K said...

So, let's say Florida doesn't sign Jovocop and we do a deal with them for Buowmeester, Horton, and [insert minor piece here]. Do we need/want Redden, or do we step down a tier to someone like McKee/Mitchell? Redden has the advantage of being effectively a hometown guy, and I think we have some time before Bo reaches UFA territory so we don't have to worry about two large defensive salaries, but I wonder if he'd really be necessary at that point, or if we could pay/trade for a sniper instead? Because, really, I think a bona fide sniper would be the missing ingredient of our still too pass-happy PP.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I think if they were to pick up Bouwmeester or Pitkanen then we forget Redden.

I'm really on the fence about Redden. I look at Ottawa or any number of teams with bigtime Dmen and then I look at Carolina, Buffalo and Tampa 2004 I wonder if we want to spend 6 to 7 million on one guy when we could probably get two and a half to three solid players for that money.

Pronger obviously made a huge difference here and you could argue about the impact of Niedermeyer or Jovonoski as well but I think Bouwmeester plus Mitchell plus an Aaron Ward type is probably a pretty solid blueline.

I think a pure goalscorer is definitely on the wishlist but until the Pronger situation gets resolved what does Lowe do?