Monday, June 05, 2006

The Return of Conkannen!


Even before the return of Conkannen (for Canes fans as well as others not familiar with the Oil, goaltending like that is why the Oilers scraped into the playoffs as the 8th seed) this one was ugly for the Oil. Ward was the story tonight as he outtended Roloson. When the Canes were on the ropes and needed that save Ward gave it to them. Roloson couldn't stem the bleeding when the Canes began to come on.

Full marks to the Canes - they had the slow start (nerves?) - but they really came back hard. 3-0 is no gimme but its a pretty good bet and the Canes did not quit.

Interesting to me and at least a couple of positives to take from it. The Canes D are definitely vulnerable to a hard forecheck. Hemsky had a great game, his goal was sweet. Fourth line is definitely a plus for the Oilers compared to the Canes - do they have a fourth line? If the series goes six or seven these things may play things the Oilers' way.

While their energy level did not suffer from the layoff they certainly were not too tight defensively. The PK was good though, even with the Whitney goal. The PP looked awful until Hemsky's goal.

Question is, of course, are the defensive issues the Oilers to fix or the result of the Canes' superiority? If its the latter - ugh.

But that is glass half full or some such thing.

MacT is doing his presser - Roloson is done. Fuck.

That's not so good.

The return of Conkannen. Is it too late to get Morrison back?

Have to have a drink. Or ten.


Anonymous said...

Though a little bit cryptic, I left you a message on your previous blog. In a nutshell, Lord Stanley's cup belongs in Canada. Bring it home Edmonton!

Anonymous said...

I still have confidence that the oilers can win but I'm not sure that they do. Conklin should play well if he keeps up his streak that he had going in the season and the oilers looked pretty solid otherwise.

If Rollie hadn't got injured, the fans would be crucifying him for playing such a terrible game. Now we have Conklin to blame. Whatever.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

well, I wouldn't say Roli played terrible - he should have Whitney's first but other then that its more of a question of making the huge stop - on the breakaway is the specific instance I'm thinking of - fair play to the Hurricanes and Williams in that instance specifically though - it was a good shot

my confidence is shaken - I think that they can win it but either Markannen or Conklin is going to have to do a job that I'm not sure if they are up to