Friday, June 02, 2006

Random randomness

While awaiting Monday.

- les Sabres have some awful luck; four regular D gone and with some freaky shit too. And Connolly. A buddy of mine who is a diehard Sabres fan said that there were three Sabres who when they are on the ice make him relax because they just don't screw up - Tallinder, Numminen, Connolly - and they were all out. And they still nearly pulled it off. Imagine the Oil with a D of Smith, Bergeron, Tarnstrom, Ulanov, Syvret and Dan Smith. And missing Stoll or Peca. That's what the Sabres were looking at. What a gutsy team.

- the Canes have one of those solid no name defences that always seem to pop up on at least one finalist every year

- read a nice quote from Kevin Lowe about the break the Oil are getting - one year when he was playing they had 11 days off before the final - in other words - suck it up - no excuses

- having said that, how does one series end in 5 and the other in 6 and there are five days in between - how the hell does that happen? My two year old could come up with a better schedule. (ok, so she's two and a half)

- had people over for dinner last night and one remarked that it would be nice to face Carolina as it would be a much more competitive series then if they faced Les Sabres (after watching those Sabres I'm not sure about how noncompetitive they would have been - they just got things done) - I could care less if its competitive or a classic or whatever - if the Oil won every game 22-0 it would suit me just fine. I'm sure Canes' fans feel the same. Just win the damn thing!

- the Hat has a great column at the Globe talking about the McCabe signing and essentially what a joke it is - even Pat Quinn felt that McCabe was at best in the top 20 D in the league - JFJ only had to look at the D on the Canes and les Sabres to see that paying this stiff nearly 6M a year will win him the Mike O'Connell award - nice work loser! For that money he could have picked up two or three decent D or a good keeper or a couple of fast guys to play on his top two lines, imo. I can't understand why its been 39 years since the Leafs have won the Cup. Oh well, at least MLSE is selling lots of condos

- I think we'll see a lot of guys sign before July 1st - we'll see some more big contracts that are going to crush teams before next season has even started - the smart teams will move in and pick up the guys like Jay McKee for reasonable coin when the dust settles

- Roloson and Pisani will be among those who sign before July 1st; Spacek too if the Oil want him and he doesn't ask for the moon

- Jaro Spacek, Horcoff, Stoll and Pronger needed this time off more then anyone (especially the first three) and I think all of them are going to be dynamite in the final

- thank goodness Cole won't be available for the final


Earl Sleek said...

how does one series end in 5 and the other in 6 and there are five days in between - how the hell does that happen?

Uh, they call G6 "Game Seven"?

As always, it's probably Dora's fault.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Uh, there is that.

The Dora Keough is one of my favourite place for pints here Earl but I cannot put the blame there.

I blame Lupol.

Andy Grabia said...

Who is calling the final? Where does one learn such things?

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

based on the Olympics and the fact Bob and Harry called the Oilers last series I would have to say they are still CBC's #1 tandem (in CBC's eyes) and that's who will be calling it.

can't wait for Cole's call - "and now, to accept the Stanley Cup from Gary Bettman, Oilers' captain, that stalwart on defence, Ryan Smyth"

mudcrutch79 said...

I'm terrified that Roli gets resigned prior to July 1. He's a guy who hasn't earned a ton of money in hockey and this is his last shot at the big deal. I don't want it coming from Lowe.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

you may be terrified but Lowe is even more terrified of ending up holding the bag like he did this season

not a lot of goalies out there but a lot of teams that need one

Roli is going to cash in

namflashback said...

I doubt that even with the ultimate win that Lowe/Howson go crazy with the money. Despite how good the team becomes, unless guys are willing to sign/re-sign for no increase, expect changes.

I vote for Roloson as the one Edmonton UFA who doesn't demand so much $ 'out of loyalty' and for a longer term (2 or 3y mebbe?).

It's clear that in Edmonton he would remain undisputed #1 for at least that same timeframe.

I think he is the single most important of the UFA's. Spacek was pretty darn good in the reg season, has been mediocre in the post. Samsonov has been a regular contributor, but may get a ridiculous offer from somewhere. Tarnstrom won't get a resign. Peca -- doubtful (even with how good he has been). Dvorak -- only at a discount.

Resign the RFA's -- obviously.

Then look to have 3 rooks in the lineup -- helps to save cash to get late season gap fillers and depth.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

agreed - they're not going to go crazy on the budget

I think they're going to extend Smyth and try and get Horcoff, Stoll and Hemsky to sign for a few years but we'll see how that works out

regarding Roli (and honestly who knows how these guys think) win or lose he's got a place here - not sure if he would want to move along because wherever he does he's going to be expected to pull this off again whereas even if he blows up here next year people will still say "well look what he did for us in '06" - if they win then he could completely suck ass and still never have to buy him a drink

I think Dvorak is back at a discount too.

d-lee said...

We probably would have started the SCF today (saturday), but Elmo, Big Bird et al threw some weight around. They've got "Sesame Street Live" at the RBC Center until Sunday night.

Meanwhile, we may see game 6 rescheduled because of Dora in Edmonton.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

d-lee - welcome

actually the reason for the longer wait is that NBC wants Game 3 on Saturday to maximize ratings

its a drag that if there is a G7 it will be June 19th but apparently G7 for Sabres/Canes set a record for TSN and Oilers/Ducks got good ratings too (for Non - Leafs) - so much for small market etc etc

Dora - should have picked up on that - the girl loves her

mudcrutch79 said...

You know what's funny? I read that "thank goodness Cole won't be available for the final" and think "What?!?? Bob Cole is out? Fuck YES!!! Oh...shit...he probably just means Erik."

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I think that may have thrown Grabia off too. He was asking how to find out who was announcing the series.

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