Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Perfect Storm

Ok, well after talking about the perfect game earlier we saw one tonight.

Wrong team though.

Actually as close to perfect as they could get. First half of the game was tight - Ward was the difference, making the saves he had to until the Canes got untracked.

And the Canes' shotblocking was impeccable.

Problem is twofold - the Oilers are not playing their best and that's not good enough facing this Canes team.

Ladd goal - Staios jumps into the rush needlessly leading to a 2 on 1. A minute prior to that the Canes had a 4 on 1.

Greene taking the exact penalty Moreau took in G1 - crosschecking a Dman in front of Carolina's net.

A failure to clear led to Horcoff taking a penalty on Staal.

Scrambling around from the D on the Stillman goal - what a play by Stillman though.

And from there it all fell apart. On the PP the Canes skill took over.

The Moreau punch on Wesley - stupid.

The Laraque hit from behind. Cheap cheap shot.



The Oilers kept battling.

Hemsky continued to be a factor, perhaps the Oilers' best forward.

Stoll and Samsanov apparently got their wakeup call.

Markannen was ok. Can't blame the guy in a game like this.

But their PP was awful.

And no discipline.

And some guys look done - Horcoff, Staios, Spacek, Pisani - to a lesser extent Smith, Smyth, Peca.

They look tired.

They have no margin for error now. None. They have to start in the first period of game 3 and hopefully recapture their lost mojo.

Or it will be over.

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