Monday, June 19, 2006

One Pint Short

Every Oilers' win these playoffs I posted a picture of a pint.

Fifteen total.

One short.

Congratulations to the Canes. Deserving Stanley Cup Champions. Congratulations to their fans. How are you doing now, AQ?

Most of all, congratulations to the Oilers for a wonderful run. Before this game I felt if the Oil won the special teams battle they would win the game and the Cup.

They did not.

So it goes.

As LT said time and time again, beauty team these Oilers.

Beauty team indeed.


Halfwise said...

Hurts in the short term, but what a glorious run, and a basis for believing that next season will be good. Those who criticized the players and the management of this team have to question their own expertise.

I thought Carolina played the Oiler's game 3 right back at them tonight. Funny series with its mirror images.

Go Oilers! Thanks for a great playoff run.

Arcanas said...

The Oilers have fallen...Long live the Oilers!

Swabbubba said...

It stings... but hey we had a good ride. The hockey gods decided to take our #1 goalie. We took a crap hand and almost won the the Cup. See you next year.. Like the blog...