Monday, June 19, 2006

One Last Game

If you had said to any hockey fan at the beginning of the season that their team would have been where the Oilers and Canes are tonight, playing game 7 to win the Cup, they would have taken it.

Of course if you had laid a nice sum of money that it would have been these two teams you likely would be planning your retirement right now.

Its been quite a run.

A week ago the Oilers were written off as dead.

Now suddenly many are doing the same for the Canes.

Of course it all means nothing. Anything can happen in on game, no matter how improbable. It could be a blowout. It could be 1-0 in triple overtime.

One game. The Oilers have no margin for error.

But then again, neither do the Canes now.

I would love to say that momentum means something. The last four plus periods have pretty well seen the Oilers dominate but at the end of game two we could say the same about the Canes.

The plus for the Oilers is that they are confident right now while the Canes may be a little shaken. But the Canes are a veteran team and they will have home ice - I think they will have a good game tonight.

The main worry for the Canes, imo. The Oilers' PP which was killing them in the first part of the series with its utter uselessness now has four goals in the last two games, including three in G6. Meanwhile the Canes have only scored two goals at ES in the past four games. In other words the Canes better score at ES tonight or else hope that their PP had another game like G5 or they will be in deep trouble.

If the Oilers win the special teams battle its their game.

Jitters started yesterday.


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grace said...

I always had faith. I've always believed. From the moment I saw them play a pre-season game in Vancouver to their first home game in Edmonton (I attended both games), I knew this team could go all the way. Well, they're all the way. They just need to put me out of my misery and win.

Go Oilers Go!!!