Saturday, June 24, 2006

No Chicken Little Here

As my wife says "Blogging - why are you blogging? Isn't hockey season over?"

1/ Chris Pronger had a great season and gave his all for his team. He did not pull a Vince Carter and bag it. Did he sign a six year contract? Yes. Is it upsetting that he has requested a trade? Yes. OK. As I said in a thread elsewhere, I'm over it. Time to move on.

2/ Because Pronger and Peca have left or are going to leave does not mean nobody will play in Edmonton. It is a business. If the Oilers outbid everyone else for Peca then he would probably stay. If they offer Chara the max and nobody else does, he will likely come here. Its business, nothing more. And in the "new NHL" (God I hate that term) the Oilers may not be able to spend the max but what will their payroll be - 38M? 39M? 40M? The max is 44M. A little different then a 30M payroll trying to compete with a bunch in the 60s and 70s, no? And they are going to have money to spend. With Pronger out of the picture what do they have committed for next year - 12M?

3/The Oil can go two ways with Pronger. Trade him for a bunch of youngsters and then use those and other assets to pick up some vets (or not). Or trade him for some guys in their prime. Chicago or Florida makes sense in the first situation, Ottawa makes the most sense to me in the second (although I can't see Lauren making her way through winter in Ottawa either).

4/I think Lowe has perhaps the most coveted asset in the league, maybe even more then Luongo. He is a proven elite player coming off an astounding performance in the playoffs. He is signed longterm and relatively cheaply. Would you want to give Chara, Redden or Jovo 7 or 8 M per or part with a couple of prime assets to get a better player?

What do you think?

I think Lowe makes hay from this. And in a big way.

Calgary, Vancouver, Minnesota - all got better today. Its scary. But its a long offseason.

We'll see.


Loxy said...

Though I'm positive that Lowe will make something grand out of the situation, I don't quite agree regarding the status of Edmonton as a destination for free-agents.

As much as business is a side to the game (and I have the economics degree to show for it), I don't think the Prongers' discontent will go un-noticed by other eligible players. If CP, who looked so eager to play here can be turned around in one year (not to mention, what was a successful year) then how soon would he have left if we'd have tanked.

The Cinderella story isn't enough to grab players' attenion if the team is different. Yes, the money on the table is usually the deciding factor, but if two teams offered the same money, would you go to the team with Pronger or without?

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Loxy - you are absolutely right in that if the money is equal then other factors come into play; here in T.O. they have lost free agents because of the perceived incompetence (perception is reality in this case) of Leaf management and have also won over free agents who wanted to play in Toronto

You're right - a free agent looking at the Oilers is more likely to join if Pronger is here then if not; they don't care about five Cups back when they were likely in grade school or the inspirational run this team just had.

But there is only so much money to go around and if Edmonton has a lot of it players will come.

Wardo said...

I'm shocked over the entire Pronger thing. I knew Edmonton would never willingly deal him, but him asking to go came out of the blue.

It's hard not to be angry about it.

Eklund is reporting Toronto is "very serious" about getting him. *rolling eyes*

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Apparently the Leafs are offering Kaberle and Stajan and the Oilers countered with Steen instead of Stajan.

I don't like either deal much but if that's ballpark for what they're going to get a lot of Oiler fans are going to get even more upset.