Sunday, June 18, 2006

Me Da

This is my Dad Jack and my daughter nearly two years ago.

Dad turns 74 tomorrow.

Many of my childhood memories revolve around my father and hockey.

Watching HNIC with him Saturday nights.

Watching him play. He was a speedy centre, a playmaker and excellent stickhandler. He hung them up at 40 after scoring an OT goal to win a tournament for his work team - it was a high level of hockey. Many of his peers remark on the quality of his play.

Dad was scouted by the Wings, along with his brother Gerry. He was disappointed because he was a Blackhawks fan.

His favourite player growing up was another small centre, Max Bentley. Later he was partial to Stan Mikita.

When I was twelve we went to all of the Memorial Cup games when it was held in my hometown.

When I came to Toronto to go to school he would come down each year and we would have a steak dinner and go to a Leafs game at MLG.

With expansion and the obstruction of the Dead Puck era Dad's interest in the NHL waned but he has enjoyed the games he has seen this year. The "goons" as he calls them aren't ruining the game anymore.

Growing up in the middle of the northern Ontario bush in a town called Franz Dad had the mythical Canadian hockey experience, spending endless days on the frozen lake playing hockey with his brothers (four of them) and their friends.

Hockey is a part of who he is, who I am and who we are.

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday too, Dad.


Julian said...

Good post Pat. You might wanna check out the book Home Team by Roy MacGregor, it's about the relationships between fathers and sons and hockey. I've only played hockey with my dad a couple of times since I read the book, but it's made me appreciate them alot more than I might have otherwise.

Loxy said...

Go Dads!

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Thanks for the headsup Julian, I'll see if I can track that down.

Won't see you tonight - my son is teething and we're not getting a lot of sleep so I'll be watching the game at home so my wife can get to bed early.


Julian said...

I'm staying in Waterloo tonight, but the girlfriend is on her way to Waterloo right now. If they win tonight, they'll be 10-0 in these playoffs with her watching the games with me.