Saturday, June 24, 2006

Long Gone and Luongo

Ok, so with Pat Morris saying that it has nothing to do with Edmonton or the organization but a family matter (Pronger's wife?) we have confirmation from an interested party that this is more then something Strachan pulled from his ass.

One thing nobody has even brought up and its likely not true but what if this a ploy to renegotiate? Pronger is suddenly underpaid, hard to believe but true.

So if Pronger is going to return to his Eastern Canadian roots (Dryden? On the border of Manitoba if my memory serves correctly) then the team that makes the most sense for a deal is the Senators - the fit is almost perfect - Pronger and another vet or two for a package including Chris Phillips, Mike Fisher, Antoine Vermette ... anyone?

If he's going I'm of the mind that they make out alright - one because he is a terrific asset with his contract and his play in the Oilers' run. Two because they can use that salary on someone else. Redden? Elias? I'd prefer to not go UFA so maybe a trade??

I'd prefer Pronger but they can make something from this.

The Canucks make the first big move of the weekend. Its a daring one - if they can sign Luongo longterm then its a good one but if he waves goodbye after this season ... irk. With Luongo out of the picture for the Oil are the Panthers out of the picture as a trading partner - maybe. But they still have some assets to move.

We'll see.


Andy Grabia said...

I doubt Florida is out of the picture. For one, Keenan always wants his old players back (see yesterday's trade). Two, they have many assets, including the Edmontonian Jay Bouwmeester. They have a lot of guys they can move, and I'd take most of them.

It would be nice to get Havlat somehow. And there are now a whole whack of d-men and goalies available. I can imagine a ton of moves today. I do wonder if K-Lowe will do any of it today, though. You have to imagine he is pretty choked about Pronger skipping town, and letting his agent and Strachan do the dirty work for him.

Chris said...

Rumors confirmed

This has got to be like a kick to the groin. I mean, if the guy and his family aren't happy, I can understand that - but it still sucks.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

chris - oh it sucks alright

andy - I think the Panthers are still in the picture - they have a lot of assets and if Bertuzzi's contract is up this year which I believe it is then Keenan might roll the dice

Chris said...

Fisher, Vermette and Phillips for a perenial all-star, hart and norris trophy winner who was one game away from winning the Conne Smyth? Why don't you just ask for Jimmy Carson and Martin Gelinas.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Just throwing names out there Chris - I have no idea what sort of trade value Pronger has. A top four Dman and a couple of 25 goal scorers, all relatively cheap, would be a start. I don't want Havlat - he's going for UFA next season. And I want to win now - so I don't want a bunch of picks and prospects. I have a feeling that's what Lowe is going to get though.

Someone was talking Nathan Horton and Bouwmeester from FLA.

I have no idea what his value is. Lowe is going to get value but what is it?

You tell me?

gary b said...

i think K-Lo will take his sweet time making a Pronger trade happen, someone will cave and give us an offer we can't refuse (and hell no, it doesn't feature Matt Stajan and Tomas Kaberle - YEAH RIGHT!).

I'm inclined to believe it might be Florida (Boumeester?), as others have suggested. Two warm bodies and a pick?

Oh - and Dryden is in Ontario, by the way. Halfway between Weinerpeg and Thunder Bay.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I like Bouwmeester but he doesn;t strike me as the type to handle "the person Pronger was traded for" very well. He seems a little uncomfortable with the spotlight.

Lowe has a player who could put a lot of teams over the top - he just has to find someone who will give him serious return - Kaberle and Stajan - that is a bit of a joke.

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