Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Leafs Out!

With the signing of McCabe to one of the most retarded contracts in the history of the game it looks like the Leafs won't be sending Belak, Domi, Antropov and a 7th round pick to the Oilers for Pronger and Stoll. (The Oil had to throw in Stoll to give Toronto incentive to take on Pronger's contract).

So, cross the Leafs off "the list".

Other interesting notes - the Avalanche only have 39M to spend on salary this season due to bonuses totalling five million they owe Sakic and Blake. They aren't as in bad shape as the Devils who only have 37M to spend due to Malakhov and Mogilny's contracts. Bye bye Elias.

Notes from Bob MacKenzie at TSN. Believe what you will.

Apparently the asking price is a quality forward, a quality defenceman and a #1 pick (or top prospect? - my addition).

There are ten to twelve teams interested but only half of those have the wherewithal to make a deal. Mentioned were the Rangers, Philly, the Leafs (now out), Phoenix Chicago and Boston. If the Oilers sign Redden or another big free agent then the feeling is that teams like Anaheim (can't see it but ...), San Jose and Florida would come into play because then the Oilers would be more willing to take on youngsters.

I think if the Oilers can sign Redden they accomplish two things - obviously they replace Pronger and also they create a better market for themselves. I know Elias is the preferred choice, especially of the fellows at IOF, but he is the lone elite forward out there, imo, and I think the competition will be fierce for his services. I think its the Rangers for Elias - another Czech and he wouldn't even have to move.

Jovonoski goes to Florida.
Chara to whoever offers him the most money, period. Could be someone crap.
Blake is back with the Avs.
Lidstrom is back with the Wings although rumbling is that he wants 8 or so.

I'm sorry - how much money does the guy need? Talk about hamstringing your team.

Anyhow, I figure its Philly. I have all the way. If the Oilers sign Redden then the Hawks become a real contender - they have some nice kids. Also San Jose. And if the Panthers miss out on Jovo then Keenan will be there for sure.

Darkhorse - I've said it before - the Wings. If they tell Lidstrom to walk then if they can put a package together, maybe around Datsyuk or Kronwall, then Pronger will be on his way to the Wings.


iwocpo said...

No way Kronwall gets dealt, Pat. Datysuk's a possibility but a slim one. I think Lidstrom signs for 7 and the Wings have some wiggle room to get a guy like McKee.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

thanks for the Wings perspective, iwocpo - to me its a natural fit but then again, I don't know the Wings so ...

Sure about Kronwall?


iwocpo said...

Yep. Sure about Kronwall. However, Cory Cross may be available...

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I believe he's number one on Lowe's wishlist.

5 years @ 8.8 per.

Just because he's a good guy and a feel good story.

Poor old Cory Cross.

namflashback said...

this sounds like another Pronger post BDHS!!

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

the third post last pronger post post


next one will definitely not be about old whathisname

macndub said...

"I'm sorry - how much money does the guy need?"

As much as he can get. He's not hamstringing his team if he's worth it, right? And he's worth it if DET pays it, right? QED.

Seriously, a $1 or $2 m pay cut (compared to his impression of "fair value") is a sure penalty for Lidstrom, with a probablistic benefit of a more competitve team. Getting the $8m is a sure benefit to Lidstrom, with a probablistic penalty of a less competitive team.

I know what I'd pick.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

macndub - well, I understand the logic to a point but I don't know if I agree

as an example Joe Sakic, Rob Blake and for that matter Lidstrom's own teammates Yzerman, Chelios and Shanahan all took less then what they might have gotten if they had gone on the open market - they did take less in order to give their teams the chance to have more flexibility

so its been done

do I blame Lidstrom for taking the sure thing - no - but considering he has made probably @ 50 million dollars or more over his career I'm not sure what the difference is between 14 and 16 more at this point

actually it does appear that he is going to resign and now for around 7 - perhaps the Wings said to him that he is not worth it - he may have been when money was no object but to pay a guy (albeit a terrific player) nearly 20% of your payroll when you have not won a Cup since 2002 and said player did not play all that well in your first round playoff loss - well, maybe Ken Holland called Lidstrom's bluff and said you are not worth this to us

I guess we'll see in the next day or so

iwocpo said...

Here's my view, plain and simple: If Nick Lidstrom demands 8 or more he can get the hell out. He knows it would hurt the team. If he wants to play for a team with a better chance at winning a cup, he signs for 7. If he signs for 8 we all know where his priorities are. I'd rather have Aaron Ward back for 3.5 then pay Nick Lidstrom 8 and know he cares about only one thing: money.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

iwocpo - you're obviously following this pretty closely - above you said you think he signs for 7 - is that your feeling? what is the media saying?

apparently you could get Ward for less then 3.5, I read somewhere today that realistically he should expect not much more then 2

I'm with you though - I like Lidstrom a lot as a player and I have followed your comments on the situation since the Punch in the Face

It would be a shame if he walked but he is replaceable. Every player is.

Wardo said...

I don't know, man. The Leafs could still trade Kaberle!

You should start a new post on Pronger - yes, another - because the new story is that he's been cheating on his wife. Check it out: