Thursday, June 29, 2006


Latest is Pisani apparently will be signed before Saturday. This according to his agent.

Same guy who represents Roloson.

As the playoffs wore on I thought it was pretty important that the Oilers sign Roloson to ensure that they don't start next year like they did this year. I think that even with the Pronger situation Lowe has the Cap space and the chips to acquire the players to put a pretty good team out there next season. With the exception of Pisani, imo, the players who are unrestricted are all pretty replaceable - Spacek, Tarnstrom and Samsonov were all picked up during the season. LeGG and Murray are fourth liners. Peca had a great playoff but his regular season was crap. Some would argue Dvorak but the truth is he can be replaced pretty easily I think. Hell, anybody can be, to be honest.

But the Oilers need a goaltender in order to avoid what happened this year - barely squeaking into the playoffs. With a good goaltender for a full season they can shoot for that higher seed.

And I am not ignoring the fact that Lowe has work to do beyond goaltending. That's obvious.

But it starts in net. And with the movement this past week or so as well as developments in the playoffs it is suddenly becoming a buyer's market.

In my opinion here are teams who need goaltending and those goalies who are available. I haven't included Belfour or Hasek because I think any legitimate contender would be nuts to go with one of those guys.

Teams needing goaltending - Edmonton, Tampa, Detroit, LA

Teams that may need goaltending - Ottawa, Florida, St. Louis

The performances of Cam Ward, Bryzgalov and Toskela have given their respective teams two legitimate keepers and, in Carolina's case, no reason to keep Gerber. Toronto picked up Raycroft and Montreal resigned Huet. Phoenix resigned Joseph. And of course Vancouver picked up Luongo.

Available Goaltenders - Aebishcher, Biron, Gerber, Roloson, Cloutier, Giguere, Nabokov (I presume rather then Toskela), Legace, Denis

So even if all of the teams on the "may need" list do go after goaltending my math tells me there are more goalies then teams. Now some of these guys are under contract but they are still available.

Advantage Mr. Lowe. Does he resign Roloson? I like Roloson a lot. I really do. But an older goalie coming off an injury makes me nervous. At worst I think that the sudden glut of goalies gives Lowe options and means that he won't have to overpay in cash or term.

And that is the name of the game.


namflashback said...

Barring a Lundquist/Staal/Prucha deal for Pronger. Here's my out there suggestion:

Legace has superb regular season results. He just needs a new situation. Playoff collapses? Spell him off with Jussi!

His tough playoffs have more to do with his Wings not being strong enough/urgent enough/shot blocking enough in front of him.

Look at his stats. He is good.

namflashback said...

# 8 in SV% the stat that matters
Luongo was #9 BTW.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Not sure - I think he's good but not sure if he is the best available.

But its not that far out there. Although I know Wings' fans would say good riddance.

I like Gerber but he may be the most expensive of the lot. I like Biron and Denis but obviously we'd have to give up something for them.

Manny would be the cheapest probably but I think if the market is saturated they could get Roloson for cheap too and I'd rather he then Manny, I think.

I just don't know if Manny is mentally tough enough to be honest. No doubts about Roloson.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

# 8 - huh, really?

namflashback said...

Full career stats

His regular season mental toughness is very good to my thinking. his sv% is consistent over 5 seasons of NHL.

He needs to overcome his playoff stress ( and if he thought he was under the microscope in Detroit -- Edmonton could be tough ). We can see that Jussi has some big game in him though.

Manny for 52-60 GP
Jussi for 22-30 GP

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

well I'm still not sold on him but he'll do in a pinch

he just seems too fragile to me and if he thought Detroit was tough on him ... yeesh

namflashback said...

you're probably right, as Detroit's puck possession style (regular season) prevented plenty of SA making his job easier.

He didn't outplay Roloson, Kiprusoff, and Giguere in the playoffs past.

I'm just seeing something in his stats that are undeniable. Of course Pete Peeters probably isn't enough of a pyschotherapist to get him back on his game. It would be just so unexpected and economical.