Friday, June 23, 2006

If its true

And Pronger has requested a trade (Al Strachan was right?!?!?!) then lets move on.

Does this eat it like its never eaten it before.

Sure does.

The worst five days in franchise history?

Sure is.

But if he doesn't want to be here or his wife doesn't want to be here or his cousin or whoever the "family" member is, then lets do this.

1/ Celebrate the season that we had with him.

2/ Say goodbye.

Because while it is beyond shitty that this guy wants to go this is not like Doug Weight and Bill Guerin et al.

Lowe can deal for an equivalent player. He can sign an equivalent player.

And while it may seem his hands are tied, do you think Pronger is going to hold out if Lowe can't get fair value for him. He may. But after losing a year of salary is he ready to lose another?

Kevin Lowe has one of the top defenceman in the league, a guy who just carried a team within a game of a Cup win, a guy who has an extremely attractive contract.

What do you think he can get for him?

It sucks. Its too bad.

But you can win a Cup without a stud defenceman. It just happened for the second year in a row.

Time for Kevin Lowe to get on his horse, if this is true, and maximize this asset.

Let the bidding begin.


Anonymous said...

Its not that the Oilers don't have the money any more, its that Oilers can NOT get any major hockey talents to play in Edmonton at fair market value and be happy. Its fun to think that we might get Redden, but last year the hysterical laughing you heard right before the Pronger and Peca trades was Niedermayer and agent when Lowe made them an offer. The only UFA that come to Edmonton are guys who have few if any other options. The only way the Oiler will build a cup winner will be to draft lucky (as in a 50 goal scorer) and get the rest of their players to over achieve. If the Oilers can get a very good goaltender, then they will be competitive every year. Just don't look for marquee names showing up in Oiler silks.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Maybe Andy, maybe not. I am not a believer in the UFA route personally - you're competing with other teams and have to outbid them so you're going to pay more then you want to. I like how they got Pronger and Peca last year - of course that cost them assets but now they can turn Pronger into more assets.

For all the talk about this and that it comes down to money - if the Oilers offered the max to Elias or Chara or Redden and nobody else did then they would likely get them.

Wardo said...

That piece of garbage Strachan wasn't right - not by a country mile.

He suggested Edmonton would trade Pronger because of money concerns. He never suggested for a second Pronger didn't want to be there anymore.

Apples and oranges. I think it's pure coincidence.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

You are right Wardo - that was his theory.

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