Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Grabia Stole My Idea

Woke up this morning. Was excited. In the night a vision had come to me.

Schremp on the PP.

He could play LeGG's 35 seconds of ES.

What do we have to lose? A PP specialist for a team whose PP has produced as many goals as it has allowed.

A desperate move? You bet. But the Oilers have nothing to lose!

Came into work excited. Here at BDHS the mission statement is "State the Obvious" and finally here was an idea that I could run with.

What's this? Comments on my Teemu post.


I'm always a step behind. Sigh.

Which describes my own hockey "career" as well as the Oil in this series by the way.

Well, this is it. Bring out your cliches. Get Smytty out there in front of the mics.

Its do or die.

Backs against the wall.

Win or go home.

Etc. Etc.

Only one team ever has come back from a 3-1 deficit in the final to win but the Hat notes that twice in the last twenty years has a team come back to force a seventh game from this position. Both times Craig MacTavish was on the team that almost coughed it up and both times his squad pulled it out in the seventh game.

MacT's frustration was palpable after Game 4 - a break (or PP goal) here or there and the Oilers could be up 3-1. Of course we saw this very movie in Round 1 - each game of the first four so close on the scoresheet that if either team had gotten a break here or there it could have been a sweep either way. The truth is that the Oil have given themselves a chance to win three of the four games but have only come through once. The Canes are full value for their lead.

The fact of the matter is this. The power play has not produced. 1 for 25 and the only 1 scored off the rush. And Carolina has out-capitalized the Oilers - when there has been a mistake they have scored. They have produced on the power play. Not a lot, with the exception of game 2, but one goal last night was the difference.

So will it be Schremp, a wing and a prayer?

Its a faint hope but until the Canes win the fourth game, the Oil still have a chance.

So Smytty, get to it, its nut cutting time.

I think that means its desperation time but if it doesn't, well for the purpose of this post it does. Because it sounds funny. Unless you're the one getting snipped.

My dog still resents that horrible day. Every once in a while I see him laying outside, eyeing our garden shears, looking at me and I swear if he had thumbs I'd be in serious trouble.

Goilers! And if this is it, go out with your boots on.

What a beauty team!

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