Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Fine Whine

Loxy was able to get tickets to last night's game - check out her enthusiastic recap.

Andy Grabia over at Sport Matters has a good recap as well, including a link to EJ Hradek at ESPN who slams Rod Brindamour for his petulant attitude after last night's loss.

It was Hradek on the Score's postgame coverage as well as Cam Ward, Brindamour's own (and much younger teammate) who put things in perspective on the Smyth goal. Sometimes that play is ruled a goal. Sometimes it is not. Its a bang bang play at a high speed. The referee makes the call. Brindamour scored a goal himself against Montreal on an almost identical play in the first round.

The Canes are a veteran team but Brindamour's complaining as well as further whining from Doug Weight (I don't remember him being such a crybaby but I'm nearing forty now so it might be age), Wallin's handclapping after the Pronger penalty shot goal and so on make this team unlikeable and its too bad. Accusations of arrogance and of the Canes being sore losers have followed them - now if they are, so be it. I'm sure if they win the Cup none of their fan base will care.

But as Cason said about the Oilers after the first two games, the attitude that you are the better team does not serve you well. It is apparent that the Oilers took the Canes lightly. Up 3-0 in Game 1 they got away from what got them here. Only last night did they return to the style that had been successful for them. Now the Canes with their excuses and failure to give credit where credit is due appear to be heading down the same path as the Sharks and Ducks before them.

They may win game four and then wrap it up when they return to Raleigh but failure to credit your opponents usually means a failure to adjust and adjustments are crucial in a series like this.

If the Oilers ever figure out the power play and moving Disco Dicque to the first unit may be a start and if the Oilers get to Cam Ward the Canes may suddenly find themselves wondering what the hell happened when Bob Cole announces that Ryan Smyth is accepting the Stanley Cup for the Oilers.

I mean the Oilers' captain. Jason Smith. Whoever. Right Harry?


The Acid Queen said...

EJ Hradek can kiss my big fat Caniac ass. If the Oilers had lost and hunkered down in the locker room after the game and refused to talk to the media, would Hradek have posted something like that?

I don't think so.

It's just Bristol engaging in their 25-year old sport of Whale-bashing, that's all.

sacamano said...

The thing is, the Oilers didn't do that. The first two guys to face the music after Game 2 were Ty Conklin and Jason Smith.

Jeff J said...

"...25-year old sport of Whale-bashing..."

Now that's an interesting visual.

The Acid Queen said...

The thing is, the Oilers didn't do that.

I know that--the comment was a rhetorical one.

I also know that the 'Canes were getting collectively reamed a new one by the Warchief for playing like crap last night.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

AQ - while I think the right thing to do is to face the music (here in T.O. the Leafs are notorious for ducking out the back door rather then face the media) my main issue is with Brindamour and Weight's complaining - while I am sure that you have faith that Rod reamed out his teammates, the impression I got from those few postgame interviews I saw (with the exception of Ward, good on him) was that it was the referees' fault that they lost. Now this might mean absolutely nothing - the Canes may very well win the next two games.
But as a fan wouldn't it make YOU feel better if Brindamour had come out afterwards and said - "hey we got a bad break on that call I think but without Ward we are not even within shouting distance of the Oilers tonight. As a team we cannot point fingers at the refs but have to take care of our own business. We did not do that tonight."


DrFrankLives said...

no no no no no. If you're going to comment at least read and listen before commenting.

Rod Brind'Amour was upset that the referee gave him a bullshit explanation on the ice. Nobody quoted the rule. Rod said the ref told him Smyth struck the puck outside the crease, which was, as anyone watching the play knows, complete bullshit.

Had the Oil not come out after game 1, the Canadian press would have sung their praises for being serious hockey players uninterested in dealing with the american media who don't understand hockey anyway, God Bless Canada, Carolina doesn;t deserve a team, did we tell you our beer has more alcohol, go Leafs GO!!!

And EJ Hradek couldn't write with a pencil, tracing paper, and a Hemingway novel.

Desdemona said...

If you really believe that, then you have no concept of how much the Canadian press get on the Canadian teams and the Canadian players. When the teams are good, praise comes in accolades, but when they're bad they get a 8 page spread analyzing why, who's to blame, when did it all fall apart, how could this happen, what do they do from here?

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Whatever drfrank - I saw Brindamour being interviewed and all he did was complain about the referees - I wrote about what I saw - I provided the link to Andy who had a link to Hradek but my commentary is about what I saw and heard. And what I saw and heard was one of the team's youngest players making no excuses while its captain and another veteran did nothing but whine.

As for commenting on what the Canadian media might have done you make about as much sense as if I were to talk about Carolina papers which I know nothing about - the Canadian media and public is hard on its hockey players - national teams, professionals, juniors