Friday, June 23, 2006

Crazy Weekend Coming?

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive. Check out Lyle Richardson's great site for a list of all of the wackiness making the rounds. This weekend could be the most interesting in NHL history. Or nothing could happen.

I'll bet there are 28 GMs looking at last Monday night saying "That could be us!" My guess is the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy, starting tonight.

Here are my top ten observations/notes, some Oil related, some not. Some obvious, some not.

1/ Chris Pronger is not going anywhere, not for Luongo, not to be replaced by Wade Redden. Duh! Why would Lowe pay Redden more then Pronger, which he would have to, when Redden is nowhere near the player Pronger is. And why would he trade for Luongo when with Jussi Markannen in the nets the Oil allowed 9 goals (1 empty netter) in the last five games of the SCF.

2/ Mike Peca will be a Senator, Leaf or Ranger next season. I'd bet on the first.

3/ Roloson will resign with the Oilers.

4/ Pisani will sign with the Oilers and be on one of the top two lines next year.

5/ Lowe is going to cash in a couple of popular vets - Smyth? Smith? Moreau? Staios? - and acquire some offensive skill from a team that needs some grit - Ottawa perhaps? Havlat?

6/ Philadelphia will swing a big deal, packaging some salary and a kid (Richards or Carter) to make the deal happen.

7/ When free agency does start up there will be a pretty shallow pool - a lot more guys are going to resign with their present squads.

8/ There will be one or two trades made by teams to get into the top 5 at the draft.

9/ Failing #5 above, Lowe will trade some prospects and/or young players off the roster for that offensive gamebreaker. Maybe Stoll. If they resign Pisani then maybe Hemsky if that player is a right winger, as much as trading Hemsky scares me and I would not do it.

10/ The Oilers will start next season with MAP, Jacques and Mikhnov on their roster. Robbie Schremp will not be on it.

Bonus / The Leafs will slide further down the standings, ensuring their Cup drought reaches a solid forty years.


Chanandler said...

The Pronger situation worries me, it's one thing to call it a "rumour" but when runs as their top story that Pronger WANTS to be traded, then that is very dangerous.

I always believed that after this season Pronger would be the captain, he's their best player and is signed for 4 more years, so he has to be the captain, in order for that to happen, I believed they would try to trade Smith and get some offense in return, but perhaps Smith is the sort who can gladly give up the "C" to a guy like Pronger.

I still think Peca will go to Pittsburgh....but I think Ottawa and Rangers want him badly too.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Just read the news - my previous understanding was the Oilers were going to trade him - I could not believe it. But if he is requesting it ....

Then all bets are off.