Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why Not Us, Indeed?

- After the first period all doubts were quieted in my mind. Even down 1-0 you could see that Game 4 was an aberration and that even if we lost Game 5, we would take Game 6 or Game 7. After all that, it was the flu. The Ducks were not the second coming of the Ottawa Silver Seven. Sorry Teemu.

- They always say a break is bad but I have to think a few days off will be good for these guys. The top four D, especially Spacek, really looked gassed. Roloson was great tonight but a few days off won't hurt.

- Bergeron is dynamite on the PP - but at even strength? Yeeesh.

- And Matt Greene may be a good NHL D next year or in five years (or never) but he's hard to take sometimes. MacT must really hate Tarnstrom

- Don't look now but three straight games with a goal for the fourth line. And was that Rem the Gem killing penalties? He got hacked on a lot earlier these playoffs but he deserves credit now. He's playing well.

- Saw the good Dvorak and bad tonight - no hands in close but hard work all of the time and had a part in Moreau's goal

- Torres looked refreshed - nice hit on Penner, played under control, good for him

- ok, tons of penalties - at least get this too many men thing solved - had visions of Don Cherry's Bruins at the end. And then Pronger over the glass.

- Smytty, Horcoff, Pisani and Peca led the way up front, as always

- Stoll looked better tonight. Hemsky too.

- why dress LeGG if you're not going to play him. Seriously. Put in Peterson or Harvey. Or dress 7 D and use Bergeron exclusively on the PP.

- experience played a huge role in this series, just as it did against the Sharks, I think, and I do believe the Ducks were a little overconfident (why?). Hopefully our next opponent will be of the same mind.

- Ethan Moreau - what a beast

Finally, a bit of a break. For a few days we can relax. And then it will get going again.

Four more wins!


Shawn said...

As I said on Lowetide's blog, I'm actually impressed with Greene. He's obviously nothing more than a #6 right now, but he's performing admirably for a rookie who hardly got any NHL time this season.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Shawn, while I am hard on him, I do agree with you - the kid only had 27 games this season, he has been put in a difficult position.

Ideally he would not be out there but MacT has no confidence in Tarnstrom (Greene does offer size and toughness for sure) and throwing Ulanov out there now would be unfair as well.

He has been better then earlier in the playoffs in any case. And he hasn't lost them anything. Wish he'd stay out of the box though.

What are you going to do?

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