Friday, May 12, 2006

Whoo whoo - all aboard the karma train!

Before last game I posted a pic of Moreau beating on someone and he had a great game as the Oil got on the board in this series. Before tonight I found one of Smith assaulting someone and he led the team to a sweet sweet comeback.

Does anyone have a pic of Roloson giving someone the business?

Beat after a day of chasing the kids around so not much to say. They looked tired to start and there seemed to be some issues with wingers getting the puck out of the zone but a lot of guys sure looked good. Pisani/Peca/Torres sure got the momentum going. Hemsky, for all of the grief he gets, had a nice game. Be nice if he shows up Sunday. At least he is shooting. I thought Samsonov might pass when he had that open net. Luckily he did not. But actually he played pretty well also.

Smytty and Horc were Smytty and Horc.

Christ - a 6-3 win. And they punished the Sharks. Punished them.

Having said that I'll bet the Sharks come out flying on Sunday. Their youngsters play much better at home. A lot of them looked intimidated at Rexall. But if the Oil play their game I think we're coming back up 3-2.

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