Sunday, May 21, 2006


One TV.

Game 2.

Desperate Housewives finale.

My wonderful wife offered to tape D.H. but I've been pushing it with the six week TV takeover, so ...

Oh boy. And living in the east end of T.O. (Coxwell and Danforth) a veritable wasteland for good pubs. Certainly any place to watch the game. There are a dozen places to buy a drink in my neighbourhood and I wouldn't be able to tell you what the inside of one looks like. We're talking stabbings and shootings, people.

My local, hidden away on a nearby sidestreet, full of F.O.B. Irishmen, including the owners. Safe but no T.V.

So tonight I ventured to the one place that looks reasonable on our little strip - T.K.O.s. And you know what, it was alright.

Great place to watch a game. Little place. Three TVS right over the bar. Good sound. No shootings. No stabbings. Guinness on tap.

Missed the beginning. Bergeron out. Torres out. I was surpised that MacT would change the lineups - oh wait, the flu. Jesus. Tarnstorm has been healthy all of this time. MacT must hate the guy. Funny thing is I was on board before I heard there was a flu. Good moves.

Way more relaxed with Tarnstrom instead of MAB. Greene, solid, not terrible. And this Peterson. Two good shots on net, set up another, he can skate. Can he play centre? Way better vibe for the fourth line.

So, I guess this is a typical Ducks' home game then. Bad ice. Quiet crowd. No shooters. And dull dull dull.

So the Oil looked better then G1 but really the same. Workmanlike. Samsonov had a nice game. Hemsky too, I'd say he's starting to get it.

Pisani is Claude Lemieux. Not as ugly. Not a dirty prick like him. But Christ. Clutch.

And Bob. Bob Cole. Shawn Horcoff is left handed and he wears # 10. Jarret Stoll. Right handed. #16. Nice work.


Doogie2K said...

I think Peterson was a bit nervous. He could have carried it easily another 15 feet for a better opportunity, but for a first game, especially a first playoff game, especially in the Conference Freakin' Finals, pretty darn good. Nice setup there for leGG (I think) in the third, too. Kid's got potential.

And yes, Bob the Newfie's time has come.

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