Friday, May 26, 2006

Seventeen Days

Just realized its been that long since the Oil lost.

That's a pretty damn good run.

Last night though, they finally really looked like a team that had fought the flu. They looked tired. All the PKS certainly didn't help. After the Staios delay of game that halted that furious onslaught in the second they just never found their legs again.

Good to see that Giguere is no answer in goal for the Ducks.

Good also to see some guys who have been quiet the last two games look like they are on the mend - Smyth and Moreau especially.

And the fourth line has two goals in the last two games.

Have to draw something positive from last night, right?

And I'm starting to get a serious dislike for the Ducks as well. How can that be? Their kids just have those cheese eating grins - Getzlaf and Lupul - and Perry looks like a rat. And Selanne - who I have always liked - I swear if the Oilers had come back last night he would be petitioning the NHL for a best of 9 or best of 11 because the Ducks are the better team, as he says.

A win Saturday would be nice. For my health. For the Oilers' health.

And to shut these guys up.


Anonymous said...

Agree that the Ducks are starting piss me off. For a guy that talked about Laraque not respecting the game and what does and doesn't have a place in hockey, Lupul sure flops all over the place if an Oiler even looks at him the wrong way.

I've never liked Getzlaf, since reading about him having the 'C' stripped off his jersey with the Hitmen.

Oh well, now they can choke in front of their home fans, I guess.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

They are just so cocky, much like the Sharks were. And like the Sharks, and the Oil for that matter, they have no reason to be. What have they won? At least the Sharks made it to the conference final two years ago, for whatever that is worth.

imo, it works out for the Oil anyway. From the two players who allowed Pronger a clear shot at the net in G3 to Pahlsson bailing out with LeGG bearing down on him yesterday, these guys aren't going to pay the price.

A lot of talk. Let them think that they are the far better team. Playing a flu ravaged Oil team that has not played very well the last three games and winning one of them - I think the Ducks have a rather inflated opinion of themselves

mudcrutch79 said...

Lupul has singlehandedly ruined his ability to go home this summer I think. It's rare that you see a hometown kid on another team in the West be seen as a tit but he's pulled it off.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I liked Lupul as a junior and he's still just a kid but a big mouth and the whole diving thing - come on. Perry is the same. Grow up boys - until they do Anaheim will go nowhere, I'd think.

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