Thursday, May 04, 2006

Round Two

So its the Sharks. Well, I think it was a case of pick your poison and to be honest I'd prefer the Sharks to the Flames, despite the popgun offence. The Sharks' keepers are no slouches but I'd rather face them then Kipper any day.

Some thoughts on both the Oil/Sharks and general stuff as well. I'll have predictions either later today or tomorrow.

- a week off helps both teams of course; not sure of what injuries the Sharks are nursing but hopefully Moreau, Tarnstrom and Peca (the guys we know are nursing things) have gotten healthy or as healthy as they can
- I have to admit I know very little about the Sharks except that they are very good, their GM is a lot smarter then Mike O'Connell and they scare me more then the Wings did - how about that?
- apparently Fernando Pisani is a chronic masturbator

"I'm sure Fernando wakes up in the middle of the night and high-fives himself," joked MacTavish. "I would if I was him and I was having that type of playoff"

- I think Joe Thornton is going to see a lot of Chris Pronger over the next two weeks
- having said that, stopping Marleau may be the key - the guy is a big game player, has proven that the last two playoff years - 7 goals last series alone
- Peca may be the guy to do the job on Marleau

Other series

- looked like the Flames just ran out of gas; Phaneuf and Hamrlik were particularly brutal; I watched some of the game last night and the Flames looked worse then the Oil did in P2 of G6
- poor Saku - without him the Habs were doomed - the Canes didn't really look that impressive though
- I think the Devils win another round but just because they waxed the Rangers don't go handing them the Cup just yet - without Jagr and Lundquist the Rangers were likely the worst team in the playoffs
- good on Bobby Clarke and the Flyers
- Marty Turco too
- my buddy is a huge Sabres fan but I'm not sure if I see them getting past the Sens - its a good matchup for Ottawa just as the Flyers were for Buffalo


Grace said...

I wouldn't discount the 'Canes. I'm picking them to win in 6. But it's mainly because everyone in our hockey pool has them and knocking them out would be a bonus to me. I like Buffalo but I don't see them making it past Ottawa even though they only finished 3 points apart.

You didn't say anything about the ducks against the avs?

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Hi Grace - my final predictions are posted above so there are ducks/avs notes there. I really like the Sabres but I'd really be surprised if they got by Ottawa. Its one of those deals where Ottawa matches up really well against them just like Buffalo did against Philly.
As for the Canes, I've picked them in 7 but its a coin flip to me. I definitely do not think the Devils are as good as everyone thinks they are but I have a personal bias against them too so that colours my thinking. Just don't like them. I think if Ward plays well then the Canes win. Its as simple as that.

mudcrutch79 said...

Huge ups for the Slapshot reference. It's not referred to nearly enough.