Friday, May 05, 2006

Round 2 Predictions

4 and 4 in the first round. Perfectly mediocre.

Round two - excluding the Oil. Later for them.


This is one of two oddball series. I'm not really sure of what to think of either of these teams. I couldn't care less then NJ swept the Rangers but the way things are going they'll be the "unbeaten in 97 games defending Cup champs before I concede anything to them. Are they a good club? Sure are. Might they beat the Canes? They may. I would bet on Brodeur before I would bet on Ward, that's for sure. But, the Canes are deeper up front with Brindamour playing incredible hockey. Ward is not Kevin Weekes. The Canes stopped Kovalev and I say they do the same for Elias. I don't like Laviolette as a coach though. Jesus, flip a coin. I say Canes in 7.


This one is going to be fun but I think the Sabres are a year away. Unless Miller stands on his head the Sabres don't have a chance and there were a few games this year that he did and they still lost to the Sens. A great matchup for a deep deep Sens team - I love the Sabres but Sens in 6, maybe even 5.


The other oddball. The Ducks have had a great run and they deserve a lot of credit for grinding out a win over the Flames but part of me wonders why it took them so long to beat a team with one player who can score and a goalie who played well but wasn't brilliant.

For the Avs to beat the Stars - that is impressive to me - and while they lived on the edge doing it, they still did it. Theodore hasn't been amazing but he has been good and I don't think the Ducks generate a lot of offence. I think Sakic (who had been brilliant) leads the way and the Avs move on in 6.

Later today - read it here first - Oil in 6!

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