Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Putting the Squeeze On

Waiting for medical updates while wondering what Bob Cole will do when he retires. And whether that retirement will be in the next week.

Once again, Bob, Horcoff is #10. Just a little fyi.

I think this team has gotten MacT's message loud and clear. While the regular season Oilers tended to win when they had to they also passed up opportunities to put teams down when they had the chance.

This team wins the must win games - G3, G4, G5 vs San Jose, G5 vs Detroit and also put the hammer down when the chance presents itself. They can close.

Game 2 against the Ducks, despite looking fluridden and tired, they did what they had to do.

Tonight they can, with a win, put themselves in an almost unassailable position.

With home ice matchups and a sense of purpose, led by the guy who was brought here to lead, Mike Peca, I think tonight they put Anaheim in a huge hole.

One they can't get out of.


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