Friday, May 19, 2006

Prince of Wales

Well, I'm 6 and 6 for predictions so far so if you want accuracy go to mudcrutch who is 9-3. I have picked the Oilers twice and both times in 6, so I'll take that.

Took the Stars - who knew?
Took the Habs in an upset special and they were looking good until Saku went down.
Took the Sens - never again.

Anyhow, Eastern Conference final. Les Sabres versus the Canes.

I'm applying what I call the "Devils' Principle" to this one. I just made that up but what it refers to is how everybody and their brother picked the Devils to go all the way after a nice stretch run in the regular season and a sweep of the Rangers. The Rangers were missing Jagr. They were missing Lundquist. But you'd have thought the Devils had beaten the Ottawa Silver Seven. (This principle can also be applied to San Jose's beatdown of Nashville.) Big deal.

And now this principle is applicable to the Canes. They beat the Habs but if Saku didn't go down I think they would have been done. They beat the Devils - not the Devils of old, but a one line team with a hodgepodge of defence (no Stevens, no Niedermeyer) and a off form Brodeur.

Are the Canes a good team? Sure they are. They are deep up front. They are solid on the back end.

And I think Buffalo eats them alive. Too fast. Too deep. Too much skill. Its a good matchup for the Sabres. And Ward, while very good, is a step below Miller, I think.

The Canes, like the Sharks, will probably be back.

But this is not their year.

Les Sabres in 6.


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