Sunday, May 14, 2006


Despite Ron Wilson's assertions that it was a couple of lucky bounces that led to his team's defeat in G4, one wonders if the inventor of the game might be a little stunned at the recent turn of events. Wilson never lets anyone see him sweat, which is good, but his rookie laden team has gotten worse as the series has progressed while the Oil have improved in each game. The Oilers have to win one on the road - will G5 be it?


- does the Tank lead to that much better matchups for the Sharks? Someone somewhere is charting this. We know one thing for sure - Wilson is going to be trying to keep Thornton away from Smith

- will home ice once again get the Sharks rooks playing like they're ten feet tall? Haven't heard Bernier's name mentioned much lately.

- Will Michalek return? Without him Marleau's line has been far less effective.

- Does Toskela start or do they go with Nabokov? I have to think Toskela. But what is he thinking after getting filled in G4?

- Can the Oilers outskate the Sharks again and pressure their D as they did in G4? The Oil forwards really exposed their D in G4. Can they keep up the momentum?

- Are the Oilers forwards finally getting going? There is a long list of guys who look to be getting stronger and stronger. Will Samsonov continue to be as big a factor? Will Horcoff? Can Smyth pot one or two?

I'm thinking the Oil come home with a chance to put SJ away.


lowetide said...

That goofy ref we had in the first game is apparently back. Here's hoping he's wearing an eye patch or two tonight so he can improve on his first game.

mudcrutch79 said...

I was talking about the home ice effect with someone the other night. It's unprovable but I have a hard time believing that the crowd gives one side a disproportionate boost. Maybe you have to be a certain type of guy but I always love playing in rinks when the crowd is against me. We had a couple of games this year where the other side had fans who were screaming and yelling at us-it gets me more into it, as I love scoring a goal and then skating over and bowing or yelling something at them.

lowetide said...

Jeebus MC you're Derek freaking Sanderson. :-)

mudcrutch79 said...

Let's just say I've got a reputation. ;)

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Well - tons of penalties so far from Joanette - he's the guy who had G4 against the Wings, no? A couple ticky tack ones but he calls them by the book.

I think home ice counts for some guys - Bernier wasn't a factor at all in Edmonton but tonight he's doing pretty well (until Torres blindsided him). Probably younger guys and maybe the bottom half of the lineup because they get favourable matchups when they're at home.

2-1 after 2 but they're playing with fire with the penalties

mc79 - I thought you were in the downtown league last year - where are you now - fans? all we have are wives and kids

but we're all "old men"

mudcrutch79 said...

We're playing in a league out at York. Some of the teams of guys aged 18-25 tend to bring girlfriends to the games. We had one team in particular that we spent the year just kicking the crap out of. They ended up beating us in the finals (our goalie had to work...fuck) but man did they, along with their friends, hate me.

Good times.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

ahh so you're one of those guys who teammates love but opponents hate

you actually bowed to them after you scored?

now, that is funny