Monday, May 01, 2006

Oil Win! Oil Win! Oil Win!

A full recap tomorrow of the greatest game the Oil have played in over 15 years. After a second period in which their character and heart and smarts were being questioned, their worst period of these playoffs, they came out and took it to the Wings, led by Pisani, the guy who after Smytty, epitomizes this team.

Then Moreau takes a bad penalty, a great kill, followed by heartbreak a pinball goal.

Then Cleary with a bad penalty, one of many the Wings took.

And Hemsky, a disaster all night, all series, with the goal.

And a minute and a half left, Hemsky, finally getting it, with a rush that will live in Oiler lore, to Samsonov, and back to Hemsky, side of the net, upstairs.

Still plenty of time and Moreau with no stick. The blocked shot. The last faceoff. And Stoll, another kid, does well enough on the draw.

Game over. Series over.

Fucking Oilers.

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