Monday, May 08, 2006

Oh oh

Well, that wasn't very good. After a first period which was pretty even the Sharks really took it to the Oil in the second. Lucky to escape down but one goal they never really got a sniff in the third leading us to ask whether the Sharks are that good, the Oil didn't play well or whether it was a combination of both. I opt for option three. After the burst of adrenaline to begin the game it looked like the Oil lost their legs and combine that with a Sharks' team that is big and fast and there you go. Full marks to San Jose though - they're damn good.

What was good - not a whole lot. The PK did shut down San Jose pretty well. The Oilers did play pretty disciplined as a whole but that heavy Sharks' forecheck wears down the D and leads to PP time for them for sure. Bergeron and Tarnstrom played well as did Pronger as the game wore on. He'll have to play better but he kept things calm when they were under pressure which was a lot. Staios was particularly brutal while Smith and Spacek have had better games.

Up front there was a lot of try but not a lot going on. Moreau played terrific and a case could be made that Stoll had a decent game. He at least generated a couple of chances. As mentioned earlier, good job on the PK - Peca and Pisani as well as Moreau and Stoll. But overall a whole lot of nothing.

Winchester looked lost - one shift he had three chances to get it out of the zone and failed each time. Horcoff gave Marleau too much room on the first goal and I'm not sure who it was (Dvorak) who left Ehrloff open on the second. There were a lot more missed assignments as the Oil played hard but not all that smart.

Dvorak's loss hurts too - the one slight edge the Oil had was depth up front and the fourth line was no worse then everyone else. I'm not sure who draws in - LeGG? I can't see him keeping up but we'll see, I guess. Maybe they'll run three lines with Moreau playing with Smyth and Horcoff and just spot the fourth where they can.

No time to think on it - back at it tonight and the good news is despite a pretty lousy game for the Oil is Stoll taps in that last minute chance they're going to OT. Just have to find those legs.

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