Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jesus Murphy!

But in a good way.

One more win.

4-0 - said to the wife "Nice to have a laugher for once."


One more win!


lowetide said...

What a game. What a bloody game. I was high fiving the kids and getting reckless with the Stanley talk and then the Ducks spent about 12 minutes looking like the had special magnetic sticks (and the puck was a magnet, this is getting a little wordy).

Anyway, up 3-0 it's basically done but I wouldn't count on closing it out Thursday.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

It was something about the 4-0 score that seemed to turn all of us into fate-tempting jackasses. Must have been that second Laraque fight: one of my friends called me to brag about how we were going to win at about the same time that you were talking to your wife. Simultaneously, another friend was receiving basically the same phone call from somebody else, while at BofA people started posting overly confident and lowetide started a party at his house a little too early (we can't cheer a lead until the last 5 minutes...I remember being told once that that is the rule). The Anaheim goal-flurry was 10% caused by what appears to be a combined brag-fest by every Oiler fan around the globe. (The other 90% maybe that Anaheim does still actually have heart, and a skilled coach, and the momentum building with each goal).

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

lt - agreed on Thursday although I'm thinking a combination of the Oilers' newfound killer instinct and desperation on their part to avoid a return trip to Anaheim will give them all of the motivation they need to finish the Ducks off

facls - when the fans started chanting "We want the Cup" I was cringing a little for sure; I'm happy but they still need that fourth win

Anaheim definitely has heart and some (but not a lot-thank God) offensive talent. I think post game interviews showed that the Oil relaxed a little and when the Ducks began to come back they found that they had lost their legs

Good lesson.

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