Friday, May 19, 2006

Good Start

Up one after one. Good to see. All the pressure on the Ducks for G2. The Oil can really put themselves in a good position with a win on Sunday. The Ducks will be desperate.

A different game of course with the Ducks. A strange one. Not a lot of flow at times, it seemed. Oilers looked tired.

Peca continues to get better. He has really become what they expected him to be. Solid, if not spectacular effort from most of the forwards. Christ, someone has to sit Torres down though. Running around without a clue. I'd rather have Hemsky out there then him. Put Rem on the wing. At least he'll get the puck out. Ah, forget that.

Spacek and Staios had a terrific game, I thought. Especially a nice job on the last PK.

And Roloson was Roloson.

When will Tarnstrom be back? I asked Stan for peace and quiet when MAB and Greene are out there. Instead I get fear and riot.


Still, one up. The Ducks looked rested, not rusty. Its a nice win - lets get another on Sunday, shall we?

As a quick postscript I just saw Carlyle's post game presser. What a breath of fresh air that was after listening to Ron Wilson for two weeks. No whining. No ego. Just a nice smart assessment of what happened and what his team has to do to get better.


speeds said...

"not a lot of flow at times" is a pretty big understatement, IMO. It was one of the most disjointed games I've seen in a long while.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Yep - lots of offsides, penalties, stoppages. A lot of chip in/chip out by both teams.

May not be aesthetically pleasing but a win is a win, I guess.

mudcrutch79 said...

I really liked Carlyle too. Ron Wilson needs to watch and learn.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

On the Hemsky goal - he not only did not whine about Stoll, he came right out and said that it was a legal play - Stoll was not even in the crease therefore he had no complaints.

Not only refreshing but a sign as to why he is highly touted as a coach - attention to detail, no excuses, no deflecting attention from the game.

He gave the Oilers credit and his own team as well.

Then again, he didn't invent hockey like Mr. Wilson.

Vic Ferrari said...

Carlyle bores me senseless.

The minute that Ron Wilson started pimping McCauley for the Selke I knew he'd be fun. Probably spent a week fly-fishing with Bowman the previous summer. That's what happened when Hitchcock stopped "teaching the press" (a hopeless endeavour BTW) and started playing the "I wonder if I can actually get them to print this stuff that never happened" game. Seriously.

Some really funny shit if you're paying attention to it. Wilson actually tells them how to prove him wrong, then makes something up, then contradicts himself, then congratulates a good question when it isn't. Fucker is hilarious, nobody knows when to take him seriously. So Dan Barnes just calls him "The Man Who Invented Hockey", like a kid at the high school paper who is pissed off with the town hockey players. Gold.

We need about a dozen more Wilsons. And we need to travel back in time and get the nasty Bowman back, and the "how fuckin' stupid RU" Hitchcock too, Crwaford was a nasty prick too, he was great. With Quinn gone, everyone left just plays the game now, reporters too (to afraid to ask the few mean coaches left anything other than "What did you think about ... ?" questions) a shame.

This league needs just one really good reporter to crack this game wide open. Just one.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Vic - its not that I find Wilson uninteresting, because he is; I do enjoy interviews with him and I will agree with you in that he is a refreshing change from most of the stock answers coaches give. Now, the majority of stuff I have seen on him are those postgame conferences and just snippets of those. I did see an interview on CBC or TSN and he definitely impressed me there. I liked Quinn too.

My problem with Wilson is just his arrogance, his failure during the last series to give any credit at all to the Oil in the interviews I saw with him. Now, that may be part of his game too. Of course my opinion is coloured by the fact that I thought the Oil deserved credit and he was giving none.

Disagree on Carlyle - he's not colourful but I like him. Straightforward analysis. No excuses. Quinn, for all his thoughtfulness, was terrible for playing that game.

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