Friday, May 12, 2006

The big one

Inlaws are gone. Wife is gone. Kids are here but they'll be in bed when the game starts. So I'm up for the duration.

Apparently Michalek will be back but they said the same for game 3. When a guy get his bell rung you never know what may happen.

Game plan - same as game 3. I don't know if the Oil win this series if they win tonight but if they lose ...

Need to come out and get to Toskela (some insight, huh). He's really terrific but if they could convert a good first period into three goals, say, maybe they can shake him up a little.

Moreau has been terrific - he will set the tone again I think.

I think Torres will be a real factor again as well.

I have my hands full - toddler and baby all weekend - maybe Hemsky can channel my daughter. Nothing as angry and focussed as a two and a half year old who does not want to nap.

Lets even it up.

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