Monday, May 15, 2006

Better then alright

Back to Rexall up one.

Weird game - Rem and LeGG are on the PP now. Things are good.

OIl in serious penalty trouble in the first two periods - some ticky tack shit but most of it by the book - both of Peca's were a little iffy but no other arguments here. Torres going to Pronger's defence - what the hell?

After SJ evened it up it didn't look so good. And then Horc sets up Pisani and next thing, another half dozen hung on Toskela.

Smytty with two - finally rewarded.

And Horcoff completely outplaying Thornton.

Talking to my wife (she has returned and I more then survived btw with my Dad's long weekend w/ the kids) and said to her that last game was the first since, what Phoenix in April or March was it, where I could actually relax in the last few minutes of the game. And now another.



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