Friday, May 26, 2006

All Aboard!

Game 5, back to California.

I called this as Oil in Six but I'd take Oil in Five. Seriously, guys, hello??

- listening to the Ducks you'd think they were the 76 Canadiens; now, they are a good team but you know what - they're playing a team that is literally sick and exhausted and they have only won one game; it seems the Ducks have forgotten that in G3 they were down by four with twelve minutes left to play. I could see them winning game 5. But don't give me this "we've deserved better" BS. When you have guys who are willing to run their mouths off but not pay the price, when you have guys who move out of the way of a shooter, when you have guys who bail out when they are about to be hit, well, then you have guys who are not willing to do what it takes to win. And that is why you are down. Not because of luck.

- oh, by the way, the goaltender is part of the team; the one thing I agree with Pat Quinn was when he would get pissed off at people who said the only reason they won was because of their keeper. The goalie is part of the team. If he stops the puck more then your guy stops the puck then you lose. Right?

- interested to see what lineup MacT goes with tomorrow - who plays and with whom? Some guys look a little tired - Spacek, Pronger, Stoll - hopefully the whole team will come with some good energy right from the start

- I think we will see a business like effort from the Oil - aggressive, focussed, doing the little things again - game four was a wakeup call for a team that probably has begun to believe their press - they woke up yesterday thinking, man, we're a game away - still have to win that game

- watching les Sabres getting smoked - its a funny game - in G3 the Sabres were all over the Canes - tonight its the reverse; hopefully we will see the Oil pull this on the Ducks tomorrow


mudcrutch79 said...

Yeah, I was thinking about the same about the Sabres. I think EDM is the second best team left in the playoffs-if we get time to rest prior to R4 and Carolina knocks out Buffalo in 6 or 7 (or Buffalo has three NHL defencemen)...well fuck.

The planets continue to align.

Alana said...

Why does Jason Smith look like he's grinning in every single photo, no matter what he's doing? So smiley!

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

In the room his nickname isn't Gator - its "Sunshine".

Actually every picture I have seen of him, he is laying a beating on someone.

I guess he just likes that? Better to be dishing it out then taking it, I guess.

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