Saturday, April 29, 2006

Well, that's alright!

What a terrific game by the Oil.

- hard to even point at a player for the Oil who had a poor game; what was encouraging and made for an great game is that so many of the Wings were flying too - Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Shanahan

- Roli played super - especially in the first when they needed him most

- still a bit of a lack of discipline in the first but the ticky tack ones kill me when Draper trips Peca and there's no call - anyhow, game five better then game four and hopefully game six will be better too

- Ales Hemsky - Sergei Samsonov - thanks for coming out - where have you guys been?

- Pronger. Smyth. Horcoff. Big time players.

- Fernando Pisani - no longer an unsung hero

- return of Tarnstrom today and addition of Moreau to the 4th line last game - two huge additions - suddenly the Oil can roll four lines and Tarnstrom gives them six d they can play - a big difference

- Legace is going to get a lot of heat but couldn't fault him on any of the goals and he made some nice saves

- Torres' play is getting stronger and stronger - jeez, he's playing well

- Dvorak has been terrific too

- a guy nobody has mentioned - MAB - sure he's an adventure at times but overall he's playing a lot of minutes and playing well I'd say - he really has acquitted himself well

- their best game of the series so far - lets hope they get better yet

- and after all of the abuse he's taken it has to be said - Rem Murray had a good game - atta boy Rem


Vic Ferrari said...

Wow, flowers for everyone BDHS :D

I thought that the Oilers were outchanced again, at about a 3-2 rate, played them close to even after the first period though. The Oilers won the special teams battle this day ... that doesn't happen a lot against DET.

I liked Smyth's goal, the way he turned to make himself the human basketball backboard there. He often gets his skates lined up in position for the possible deflection too. A lot of pucks bounce in off of the guy for a reason.

And what more can you say about Roloson. The guy has been unreal, I can't remember the Oilers ever having such solid goaltending in a playoff series. Cujo was good in the two series upsets, but not consistently as good as Rolo has been.

I remember somewhere on the internet a guy had compiled the save%s by series, for the '98 playoffs I think. Anyhow 14 of the 15 series were won by the team with the better save%. (BTW: By memory the exception was BUF vs WSH ... somehow the Sabres managed to lose despite Hasek posting a stunning .960 save% in that series)

I would love for the Oilers to close this out at home. Just ONE more favour hockey gods, I promise I won't ask again. :-) I can't remember the last time that the Oilers won a playoff series at home, but I know that it was before I was an Oiler fan.

iwocpo said...

Here's the deal with Legace, Pat. No, none of the goals yesterday were soft. But, at some point he's got to make a tough save when the team really needs him to. Roloson was aggressive yesterday, challenging shooters, daring them to beat him. Legace sits back, afraid to be beaten.

I think I'm switching to Guinness for Game 6.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

iwocpo - the thing is I think Legace has made some big saves when needed - the Smyth save in game 4, the Pisani save Saturday that would have really put the game out of reach, the Horcoff saves in Game 1; he made the first save on Horcoff yesterday after horrible coverage by the D (Kronwall - was it?) - and both Pisani and Smyth scored on tips - Roloson is obviously outplaying him but yesterday at least (well maybe the third goal which I guess does concede your point) I thought he was not to blame - I know we spoke last week and you felt he wouldn't get rattled but today I read a quote from him in the Toronto Star and he was talking about Chevaldae, Joseph etc - how goalies have it tough in Detroit - Manny, I'd say less thinking, less talking, just play

vic - remember I called this in 6, not sure if it will happen - if the Oil stay out of the box then I think they have a terrific chance - I did give kudos to everybody and I think well deserved - the WIngs are going to get their chances regardless but even after Shanahan's goal I wasn't really nervous as I have been in every other game, I mean, I was nervous of course because anything can happen but even when Staios went to the box I just felt the Oil were in a zone - a performance like that tomorrow night and I like their chances but I know and everyone knows that that fourth win is the toughest and there is no way the Wings roll over

NonyMouse said...

wow. you've been silent for a while. hope you're alright.