Saturday, April 22, 2006

uhhh, stupid moral victory? maybe?

Living in T.O. and being overrun by a toddler and baby I only managed to see the OT.

It was a strange one.

The Oil looked slow but to me they played well. Is that a contradiction? They just seemed intent on not coughing up that big mistake and for the most part they played good positional hockey. The Wings had chances and, of course, a lot of shots, but Rolo (who obviously played terrific) was not called upon to make many all world saves. Very few defensive breakdowns and coverage was excellent.

Flip side is that the Wings had a blanket thrown over them - every Oiler rush was completely neutralized. When Harvey's shot from the boards off a draw has the commentators gushing you know you're not getting a lot of chances.

Poor Rem Murray, not only the bad break on the winner but too slow to get away from his check earlier when the puck was laying there with a decent shot at an open net.

Not sure why LeGG - I like him but if you're not going to play the 4th line that much and then spread them around later would it not be better to have someone with a little more speed/offence playing with Smyth and Horcoff - put Harvey on the right wing on the 4th line and let Jacques draw in on the left side or maybe have Winchester on the right?? Anyhow that's a quibble but it looks like goals are going to be hard to come by and a big guy with speed might be handy.

I have never seen anyone look as tight as Raffi in OT - every puck that came near him bounced off his stick - relax.

Rolo did his job. And then some. And the D cleared those rebounds nicely.

So ... to sum up. Outplayed - yes. Outshot - yes. Dominated - not really. The Oil were outplayed but I never had the feeling that the result was inevitable. A game they could have won - yes.

They may rue losing this one - not often you get outplayed like that and still have a chance for the win.

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