Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tonight is the night

Biggest game of the year tonight. Until next game. I'm feeling a little off (some bad souvlaki last night coupled with sleep deprivation from Tuesday) so this will be as short and sweet as I can make it.

Questions for the Wings

- the biggest one - Yzerman - will he play? He may be the one guy the Wings can least afford to lose, except Lidstrom, imo, and even that .... he has been terrific in all facets of the game

- can Legace step it up? what's the old saying? He is playing well enough to lose. He's made some big saves but he doesn't look, well, comfortable. Is that the right word? A lot was made of MacT's comments re: the jig he danced - I think that was just a little gamesmanship. Detroit is hard on their goalies and Manny is likely feeling a little pressure. Oiler fans know what bad goaltending can do to a team's psyche and while Legace has not been Conkannen bad he needs to be a little better, I would say. In a series this close that one extra save ...

- does Datsyuk get better - I think he was better in game 3 then in game 2 - I don't think he's "choking" (btw Zetterberg has shed that rep already) but trying to get into gameshape after a layoff

- can Draper and his teammates continue to neutralize the Oilers' PP - interesting to see if MacT has any adjustments there

questions for the Oil

- trap, no trap, hybrid? - sitting back got them into penalty trouble in the 3rd last game but its a fine line - look for MacT to pick his spots

- does MacT stick with the same lineup or draw someone in to replace Rem Murray - if you don't feel a guy can contribute minutes against the other team's 4th line then .... unfortunately MAP is out with mono so that's another option gone unless ...

- Moreau returns - if he does he could play with Harvey and Dvorak or Harvey and Pisani as the 4th line - end of problem - in any case there was a lot of talk about how the Wings seemed to get stronger as the game wore on - that they had extra jump - they were rolling 4 lines against 3 and 6 D against 5 - the Oil have to get some minutes from their backend guys

- can they get the PP going?

- can Hemsky get some offence going - he has played better as the series has worn on - he appears to "get it" but they need him to really go - he has the ability to influence a game for the better and if he can help win one - that's one more closer

- and while Sammy answered the apb to get a helper on the winner he too has to have an impact - every goal helps and he's a goal scorer, or so they say


namflashback said...

it is really awful that MAP got mono. I think he would have been a great insert in the fourth line esp if Moreau returned.

Moreau, MAP, Devo would have been very reliable and been a very good fourth line.

lowetide said...

I suspect the Red Wings will throw everything at the Oilers from the get-go tonight. They need to hang on for dear life (which is exactly what I said before game 3).

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

namflashback - totally agreed; unless Harvey or Pisani plays centre or they bring up Brodziak its a real problem they need

lt - could be a terrific first ten minutes tonight; I suspect the Oil will come out flying as well