Sunday, April 23, 2006


Even up now.

And if Pisani and Peca cash in its not even close.

Unbelieveable game by the Oil. Unlike game 1 Roloson not really called upon to do a lot. MacT managed a nice game, rolling four lines, having Dvo on the 4th gave them that safety valve, Winchester did a nice job, obviously, but even besides the goal ... well done.

Pisani, Peca and Torres did a really nice job - Peca especially noticeable in both zones. Torres set a nice tone early and overall had a terrific game I thought.

Stoll is a warrior.

Hemsky really needs to get engaged out there - until that shotblock he really did very little - just was soft. If they could get more out of him things could get a whole lot better.

Pronger and Smith were fantastic - two minutes or so left Smith went into the corner off the draw with two Wings and came out with the puck. Pronger - plus four, another goal, beautiful pinch on Winchester's goal.

Staios and Spacek did fine - a mistake or two but overall they did well, no soft touches at any time facing the Wings. Tarnstrom and Bergeron also did quite well. Bergeron coming back on the Zetterberg chance, Tarnstrom playing nice and simple.

Rolo - skate against the post, eh? But they picked him up. It was a fluke sure but still a softie.

Back to Edmonton - a nice win but another in game three might began to plant those seeds of doubt in the Wings' heads.

Now for a celebratory pint.


lowetide said...

It was a fun game to be a fan, because the two goal gift took a lot of the tension away (I drank the town dry Saturday so couldn't indulge today for fear of flatline).

Oilers need a Tug McGraw "you gotta believe" slogan and they're good to go.

Vic Ferrari said...

I liked the move of Dvorak back to the 4th line too. In game 1 the Oilers 4th line got outshot by a wide margin in spite of playing most of their minutes against the Franzen line and never taking a D zone draw except that time they iced the puck. Just terrible stuff.

We saw hints of this move coming late in Game 1. But it made a helluva difference. Drew a penalty early too.

I don't think Winchester looked terribly out of place on the top line either, he played a solid game I thought. That's the thing about 25 year old rookies ... they may not get much better, but they are usually a helluva lot more effective than 20 year old rookies. :-)

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I've thought that a lot of the struggles the Oil faced after Christmas were due to no longer having an effective fourth line to roll out. When they were playing well they and their opponents spoke a lot about how their ability to roll four lines wore teams down and led to a lot of strong third periods.

After Christmas injuries hurt them here. And this was also one big negative of having to trade Reasoner.

Murray played better and I thought Harvey actually played very well also.

Obviously it would be nice to have Dvo playing with Smyth and Horcoff but I think the tradeoff is a necessary one. And Winchester did just fine too, never mind the goal.

Anonymous said...

The Reasoner deal sure leaves us a lot worse down the middle. He would look great on the 4th right now with Harvey and Dvorak. I can't understand why O'Connell would even want Reasoner in the first place. They already had Axelsson and Primeau as defensive centers and Reasoner is unrestricted this summer. A bit of a head scratcher. A guy like Reasoner would seemingly be a lot more valuable to the Oilers than he would be to the Bruins.

Of course, KLo made that deal thinking he would grab McAmmond from the Blues, a player who I seem to like a lot more than most Oiler fans. The guy is a remarkably similar player to Dvorak, IMO.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

O'Connell made a lot of those goofy moves - just another reason for his unemployment. Maybe he just wanted someone, anyone back for Samsonov and Lowe figured Reasoner was the one guy he could afford to give up. Especially if he had McAmmond in the works.

Can't go far in the playoffs w/o a reasonable fourth line that can chew up some minutes, take care of its own zone and chip in with a goal or two now and then.