Friday, April 28, 2006

Remember That Guy Eating Cheeseburgers

Remember him. Down below a few posts. Before this series started.

Remember one of the key to the series - discipline?

Because last night the Oilers did not have it.

No feed of the game here so I was stuck catching highlights, watching the ticker and getting a bit of the game in the Flames intermissions so I'll admit I am commenting on what I saw (not much) and read on the Net and on other blogs. So you can take what I am saying with a grain of salt if you wish.

Giving up 11 power plays to the Wings is not too bright - its as simple as that. Were some calls ticky tack? Sure. But the Wings had plenty of penalties too. MacT said that before the game he told his guys that because of who the refs were they had better play with a lot of discipline.

They did not. Why do I have pics of Pronger and Smyth posted? To make a point. Smyth had Chelios in his face all night. How many PIM did he take? Zero. How many PIM does Pronger have in this series despite the incredible amount of ice time he is logging? Zero. You could post pics of Horcoff (2 PIM for the series), Spacek (ditto), Smith (again 2 PIM) and even Torres (2 PIM despite a fairly robust series in terms of physical play). Pisani (who I love by the way) took a bad penalty. Staios' penalty was needless. Bergeron as well, again. And Hemsky's was absolutely terrible.

So all together now, who do the Oil have to blame?

The Lidstrom non-call? Probably should have been made. I saw a few Wings fans' comments that it was not a pick. I also saw a few claiming that Chelios' play on Hemsky in Game3 was a clean hit. I don't take fans like that, on both sides, seriously. You have to be able to look at the play objectively; what if it were two teams that you have no vested interest in. Now, I would say it was a pick but Stoll admitted to going down a little easy. Why would you do that, killing a 5 on 3? And why were they in a 5 on 3 situation anyhow? Hmmm. The Detroit Free Press says it was a definite interference call. The reporter also thinks there may have been a call for a dive. I can agree with that. Or as Abel to Yzerman put it:

Let’s be real clear. That was a pick. It was an illegal pick. It was interference and it had already been called once in the first period. Yes, Stoll dove. He admitted as much. But the fact remains that the refs had called everything all night, then swallowed that one. I’ll take the goal, take the win, take the tie. But that should have been called.

Other thoughts and I invite comment, for sure:

Rolo continues to outperform Legace although Manny made a few nice saves especially late in the 2nd. Should have had that Spacek goal though.

Torres made a really nice play on Pisani's goal and continues to make his presence felt physically. Too bad he lost that puck in his feet. He is doing pretty well in his first playoff action, I think.

With Tarnstrom out Greene was put into service and 3 penalties says it all. A tough spot for the kid to be put in. Ulanov may draw in next game and that will certainly make somebody happy.

Was Sammy a factor? I saw him have a chance in close? Or is he still on his way out of town? Talk about a quiet PPG impact. Expectations too high? Dennis at Irreverent Oil Fans has had some pretty funny descriptions of Samsonov in the past week or so.

Hemsky has been a big bag of suck. Sorry Ales because you're just a kid, yes, but when I see Stoll and Torres and Brad Winchester of all people having a bigger positive impact then you in their first playoff action, well, the excuse does not cut it anymore. Its one thing to get shut down. Its another to take lazy penalties and have no impact whatsoever. Meh!

So on to game five. Good news is that we'll get the game here in T.O. and the Oil are 2-0 in such circumstances. (Grasping at straws).

All kidding aside while last night was disappointing I think if before the series started someone would have said we would be tied at 2 at this point I would have been pretty happy. The games have been close. Before the series I said anything was possible including a sweep either way and a bounce or two either way would have made this happen. I think 2-2 is pretty accurate.

We'll see what happens tomorrow. Stay out of the box!

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