Thursday, April 20, 2006

Process Part Two

Facing the Detroit Red Wings, Presidents Trophy Winners, elite club and perennial Stanley Cup contenders, the Oil are looking to see where they are. Among the questions that need answering:

Is Roloson a legitimate #1 goaltender or does Lowe go shopping in the offseason?

Can MacT get this club to play to its potential once and for all?

Is Sergei Samsonov the real deal, worth the big bucks he'll be looking for this summer? How about Jaro Spacek?

Were Steve Staios' frequent mistakes near the end of the season a sign that maybe his role should be lessened (or that he should be moved) or can he play at a higher level once again?

Where are the young players in their development - can Stoll, Hemsky and Torres contribute meaningful and in Hemsky's case, elite, minutes?

Can Pisani, Moreau and Dvorak provide some secondary scoring?

Are Laraque, Murray and Harvey able to contribute meaningful minutes or should these vets be supplanted by youngsters?

Win or lose all of these situations bear watching.

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