Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Tomorrow night I'm either going to have my two year old or my dog make a set of picks. I'm sure they will likely have more success then I.

As usual all of the geniuses in the media are going with the top seeds in every series with the exception of one or two picks of Anaheim over Calgary and nearly everyone picking San Jose over Nashville. As usual probably half of the top seeds will be gone after the first round as they choke, run into a hot goaltender or just get beaten. Anything can happen and usually does.

So here goes nothing.

Ottawa over Tampa in 5 - Emery may or may not be good enough to backstop Ottawa to the Cup but he's good enough to beat a Tampa team that has lousy goaltending (Sean Burke?) and has had a strangely disjointed season. They have a few big guns but don't have the horses to stop a deep Sens team.

Habs over Canes in 7 - The Habs have done this before and I think we'll see it again. Better goaltending and the biggest gamebreaker in the series in Kovalev trumps an admittedly deep Canes team. I'm sure not sold on Gerber and Staal has slumped. Next year maybe but not this year.

Rangers over Devils in 6 - with the caveat that this happens if Lundquist is healthy. If not, Devils in 7. The Devils have won 11 straight sure but while this has some people talking Cup there's no way this team wins any Cups without Scott Stevens and Scott Niedermeyer and I don't see them anywhere near this team these days. Smoke and mirrors.

Sabres over Flyers in 6 - better goaltending and a team that just matches up well with the Flyers I think. If Forsberg is healthy then maybe the Flyers pull it off in 7 but he's not and without him they're done.

Stars over Avs in 5 - better goaltending (see a trend here?) and more depth. Avs are not just that good - another week and I think they were dropping out of the playoffs altogether - Sakic willed them in, I think, but Turgeon and Brisebois are no Forsberg and Foote. The Stars, much as it pains me, are likely the best in the West at this moment

Flames over Ducks in 7 - this could go either way - Giguere is on top of his game and Lord knows the Flames can't score. But Kipper ... The Flames will grind one out, winning in the 7th game when Simon deflects a Ference shot in off his gigantic melon.

Sharks over Preds in 5 - with Vokoun gone so are the Preds' chances and they don't have the horses to stop Thornton, Cheechoo, Marleau et al. I don't buy into the Sharks or Ducks as favourites but the San Josers are going to pound on the Preds, methinks.

Tomorrow - Oil versus Wings - my reasons why the Oil win in 6 - one hint - its going to start with better goaltending - seriously

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