Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ok, today I'm a little tired

Notes on last night's sweet sweet win. Bear with me. Played my first summer league game, came home and watched the Oil go up 2-1 and then was too jacked to go to bed so watched the Score for thoughts.

In bed at 3.

A little beat but so so worth it.

- 1 for 9 on the PP probably not going to cut it - send it back to the point and go to the net just like Torres did - D men hit the net - one or two are going to trickle through - KISS principle especially on the PP - especially when you're 1 for 9

- Horcoff and Stoll are some players - always think of Horc as a kid which he definitely is not but he had a whale of a game and Stoll is looking more and more like one of those Brent Sutter types (sorry but I can't think of a better reference) - an all round good player who plays even better the bigger the game gets - no surprise I guess based on his history coming up

- Torres played pretty well - 2 goals in 4 games going back to the last reg. season game - he might be heating up - but has been noted by Mike over at Covered In Oil as well as elsewhere he is out of gas in all of these OT games - maybe a little conditioning work this summer?

- The Oil D played well as a unit - Maltby suckered MAB into a bad penalty which led to the 3-2 goal but I thought he played a nice game; Pronger was, well, Pronger. Not much else can be said there.

- Hemsky looked a lot more engaged and he's not backing down from Chelios

- now really, if it came down to it, who would you sign - Smyth or Sammy - because that's probably what its going to come to in the end - Sammy did have a hand in the winner but to me was a nonfactor all night - Smyth was unbelieveable all night - nonstop - I like Sammy but to me its a nobrainer - without Smyth this team is down 3-0 I think - he's the engine and has been all the way down the stretch

- Dvorak was a real factor, especially in OT

- short bench is going to hurt them, it did in game 1 and almost again last night-if you can't play guys even when you have last change then they probably shouldn't be dressing - poor Rem Murray - they even showed his frigging folks, the pig farmers - as Lain over at Lowetide said in the game thread last night - he's a great guy but there's lots of great guys who don't get to play in the NHL and Rem needs to be one of them

- will be interested to see the extent of Yzerman's injury - he is something, frigging owned the draws all night and when he went down suddenly the Oil began to get a lot more puck possession - if this is his swansong he is going out in style

- Wings' young D are impressive and Schneider finally showed up - maybe his groin is better?

- frigging Chelios - the guy everyone loves to hate - he gets away with murder out there - he can still play though

- Zetterberg sure is something but Datsyuk's not 100% yet for sure

- Legace is both good and lucky in my opinion but the two go hand in hand for a tender - he's almost always in position those screen shots just hit him - which is good on him, a little weak on the wraparound though

- well, in the understatement of the year, being up 2-1 is certainly better then being down 2-1 - we'll see how things go tomorrow

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