Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A laugher

Another one and the Oil still have their fate in their own hands with time running out on the teams (Canucks, Sharks, Kings) behind them. With Vancouver and San Jose playing each other twice next week and a lot of the teams in the chase playing each other down the stretch I think they're looking alright.

Peca has woken up, I see. A disappointing year (although I never bought casting him as a first line centre) he appears to have finally gotten going. He could be a huge factor in the weeks upcoming.

With Peca's "return", Dvorak and Moreau both apparently recovered from lingering injuries, the arrival of Pouliot and the sudden improved play of Brad Winchester the Oil suddenly have four lines flying again, a huge part of their early season success.

Moreau and Smyth lead the way for this team. They need a goalie next year (unless Roloson gets on a, say, 3 month hot streak I don't think he's the answer) and it would be nice to sign Spacek and Sammy but I think trading either of these guys - a big mistake.

Anyhow, the boys head back on the road for four - and once again - could we have a week to breathe, guys? Go four for four, heck three of four, so that last week is not must win?

What do you say?

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