Friday, April 21, 2006

It could always be worse

Regardless of what happens with the Oil in this year's playoffs remember that things could always be worse. William Houston at the Globe has a nice story about how this team has been run.

Let it be said that Leaf fans get what they deserve (that being nearly 40 years without a Cup). When players are introduced before a game who gets the biggest cheer? Not their long suffering classy captain who gets 4th liners as wingers and still produces. Not smooth D man Tomas Kaberle. Not reason for hope Alexander Steen.

Nope, its washed up thug Tie Domi - doesn't hit, score, check or even fight anymore and wonders in public why he doesn't get the icetime he deserves.

And he gets the big cheers.

Domi said before the deadline that if he was traded he would retire.

JFJ, what are you waiting for?

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