Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Homestretch

After a couple of relatively quiet days the playoff chase really gets revved up tonight and with less then two weeks left in the season its a bloody mess. The Oil are in decent position with six games left; they control their own destiny. If everyone were to win out, which cannot happen anyway, they would be in. A better place to be in then Vancouver or the Kings, for sure and a game in hand on each.

Tonight they play Jack Lemaire and Team Excitement. As always I'll be only able to follow this sucker on the ticker but seeing as the Wild are about as exciting as Ken Dryden talking about, well, anything, I'm not to choked up about it. Two points sure would be sweet. The Wild just have the Oil's number this year, every year someone has someone's, hopefully the Oil can come out strong and put a few up on the board before they get lulled to sleep.

And around the rest of the West.

It looks like the Flames have wrapped up the division pretty well, five points up with six to play, I think a win or two more and some guys will get some rest. They'll be happy to have home ice and I hate to say it but even with that "offence" they're the team to beat in my mind. Yep.

Nashville is lucky that they play in a joke division (memories of the 80s Norris) and that there aren't 3 weeks left in the seaon. As it is Anaheim's got them.

Here's where the schedule pays dividends for the Oil too, assuming they uphold their part of the bargain. Tonight SJ is in LA - they play the Kings once more as well as the Canucks twice and the Ducks once. Even with the odd three point game in there likely the Oil are going to gain on someone when these teams are doing each other in.

And Dallas, how about a little help. They've been losing to Anaheim and SJ regularly it seems, I know they have nothing to play for but cripes how about a little help here.

Thats all we're asking.

Oil win tonight puts them either 3 up on everyone or 3 up on Canucks and 5 on the Kings unless there's a 3 pointer in which case, carry the 1, oh Christ just win the damn game.


lowetide said...

Huge 30 hours for the organization. Huge.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I'll take the point but they need two tonight.